Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Contributors

At People Matters, we believe in creating and sourcing indispensable content that belongs to the HR fraternity and is useful for our CHROs, CEOs and HR leaders.

For us, if business leaders make decisions strategically, if organizations can appreciate and engage their employees in the right way, channelize its human capital towards establishing a better organization, and practically apply what they and us both preach, we have accomplished what we set out for.

But to do this, we collaborate with HR domain experts and thought leaders to express their knowledge in the best possible way through articles, blogs, white papers, researches etc.

However, if you are not a subject matter expert, we will help you in framing your perspective.

If you can write, have an original research paper, a new perspective or views about current events in the HR industry, we would love to collaborate with you.

We usually require the following elements before we assess the suitability of the articles:

  1. Author’s biography/credentials
  2. A brief on what the author proposes to write on
  3. What is the core of the article proposed?
  4. What is the importance and relevance of the topic to the domain of Human Resources?
  5. Is research included in the article to support the ideation the article?

In case you want to write for online, we look for the following:

  1. The blog/article should reflect the expertise of the author in the subject area.
  2. There has to be an original point of view.
  3. Specific research, experience and examination of the topic should be reflected.
  4. Usability and practicality of the ideas expressed in the article in the HR space.
  5. Any news-based blog/article is highly appreciated.

If you have ideas which can be expressed as graphics (interactive or not), tools such as for assessment, checklist etc, we are game!

Send us your contributions with your name and email address at