News: Australian company Linktree is offering $6,000 of annual allowance to employees

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Australian company Linktree is offering $6,000 of annual allowance to employees

Linktree is not just focusing on offering professional benefits to the employees but has also laid down a number of offerings to keep the employees happy in their personal spaces.
Australian company Linktree is offering $6,000 of annual allowance to employees

The Australia based company Linktree has launched a new Total Rewards Programme that makes the employees eligible to receive $6,000 AUD of the annual allowance.

According to a report carried out by HRD Asia, the company said in a statement, “All Australian, US and ROW employees have $6,000 AUD/roughly $4,200 USD (at time of publishing) to spend annually among four pillars.”

The report further elaborates the four pillars of wellness for which the company is rolling out the amount:

Wellness: Under this, the company aims to optimise mental wellbeing which will include exercise classes, fitness subscriptions, meditation subscriptions, mental health first aid training, and massages.

Growth: The company will focus on both the professional and personal growth of the employees. To enable this, the company will provide the employees with professional coaching, financial coaching, life coaching, short courses, and books.

Lifestyle: This area focuses on everything outside the professional space including childcare, pet insurance, travel allowance, hobbies, and household support.

Impact: The company looks forward to enabling the employees to have a long-lasting impact on society through several initiatives such as green energy, charitable donations, bike equipment, energy-efficient appliances, and reusables

Commenting on these initiatives, the company said in the statement, “Ultimately, we wouldn't be where we are today without our people, so we're offering a programme that allows them to thrive both at work and outside of work.”

Other than the benefits in the areas outside work, Linktree is also offering a number of professional benefits to the employees which, according to HRD Asia, include:

  • 18 weeks of paid parental leave for all new parents
  • Transpositive benefits to help ensure our trans and gender diverse team members feel safe, respected, and supported
  • Domestic and family violence and sexual assault support
  • Free access to Headspace to support overall wellbeing
  • Employee Assistance Programme with access to coaching and therapy
  • Pensions/401k plans with company contributions to support the financial health
  • Work-from-home allowance up to $1,000 AUD/roughly $700 USD (at time of publishing)
  • Weekly meal allowance through Uber Eats
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