News: Philippines leads global workforce in AI usage


Philippines leads global workforce in AI usage

9 in 10 Filipino employees use AI in their daily work – is your team keeping up?
Philippines leads global workforce in AI usage

MANILA – The Philippines is now the world leader in the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace. An astounding 92% of Filipino employees are already using AI technologies in their everyday work.

According to new Microsoft Philippines research, this is notably more than the norm for the whole world, highlighting the nation's sophisticated IT infrastructure and workforce's flexibility.

The quick integration of AI, according to Microsoft's Philippine director Peter Maquera, can be attributed to both the country's proactive approach to technology adoption and the increasing significance of digital transformation in business.

The report demonstrates how Filipino talent are using AI to accomplish a multitude of tasks, from simplifying their most basic work routines to improving their productivity and decision-making strategically.

Filipinos leading in the digital economy

The Philippines is positioned as a major player in the global digital economy due to the widespread use of AI in the nation. This trend indicates a wider movement towards AI-driven business models in addition to highlighting the country’s expertise in the IT sector.

The Philippines is predicted to maintain its leadership in this revolutionary sector as more businesses start incorporating AI into their processes.

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