News: IBM rolls out WatsonX AI and data platform, overcomes workforce challenges


IBM rolls out WatsonX AI and data platform, overcomes workforce challenges

CEO Krishna elaborated that once the model is developed, it can be readily customised for numerous tasks, potentially ranging from a hundred to even a thousand different applications. This accessibility makes it remarkably user-friendly for individuals without specialised expertise to employ.
IBM rolls out WatsonX AI and data platform, overcomes workforce challenges

IBM unveils WatsonX, a new AI and data platform to streamline AI integration for businesses, following the decade-old introduction of Watson. While Watson gained recognition after its triumph on Jeopardy, its expensive nature posed challenges for companies adopting it.

However, leveraging the cost-efficient AI models exemplified by the success of chatbot ChatGPT, IBM aims to attract a wider customer base. IBM CEO Arvind Krishna highlights that the reduced cost of implementing large language AI models significantly enhances the probability of achieving successful outcomes.

According to Krishna's explanation, after the creation of the model, it can be readily modified to suit a multitude of tasks, potentially encompassing hundreds or even thousands of different applications. This adaptability ensures that individuals without specialized expertise can easily utilise it.

Additionally, while AI may lead to a reduction in certain back-office roles at IBM in the future, it does not necessarily imply a decrease in the overall employment at the company. Krishna clarifies that IBM has actually hired more individuals than it has let go, primarily in response to the growing client demand in specific areas.

With WatsonX, businesses gain the capability to train and deploy AI models, generate code through natural language, and harness diverse large language models for various applications, ranging from chemical synthesis to climate change modeling.

IBM is fostering collaboration with multiple companies and adopting a more open ecosystem, exemplified by its partnership with Hugging Face, an AI software development hub built on open-source technology.

IBM's WatsonX platform represents a substantial stride in the integration of AI within businesses, offering a simplified and cost-effective means for companies to leverage AI capabilities. This empowers businesses to enhance their operations and deliver greater value to their clients.

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