News: CareerBuilder announces the launch of Talent Discovery


CareerBuilder announces the launch of Talent Discovery

The latest feature introduced by CB will reduce the time spent in recruiting talent. Read on to know more.
CareerBuilder announces the launch of Talent Discovery

CareerBuilder recently announced the launch of a new feature on their platform - Talent Discovery. As the name suggests CareerBuilder Talent Discovery (CBTD) allows users to discover the right talent for the said positions. It does this by combining all its products into one and also integrates with the underlying ATS.

This combination provides the user with access to all of its data in the ATS along with 150 million CB candidate databases, a pretty large amount of data that the user can access. 

The product uses semantic search powered by machine learning comes into play. It’s contextual and learns based on your actions, thus ensuring that it recommends only relevant profiles for your open positions. 

It’s an interesting play as many ATS companies are also building similar features and for a company like CB to build this feature; is indicative of how HR Tech is emerging and how these siloed solutions no longer work. While CB will integrate with your ATS, it will essentially become the primary interface for all recruiting activities with the introduction of the Talent discovery capabilities. 

Scott Helmes, Senior Vice President of Product Development at CB says, “On the surface, Talent Discovery is simplifying CareerBuilder’s products and aligning them in one all-in-one platform, and adding in the integration with your own ATS. But looking deeper, this platform is reducing the time it takes to source job candidates from hours or days to a matter of minutes.”

Starting with helping you manage the relationship with your hiring manager. It provides information from upgraded supply demand portal to give real time labor market data for specific positions. Such real time information will help the recruiters assess if they can attract the right talent at given budget and within given geographical location, a very valuable piece of information while discussing with hiring managers and deciding on timelines for the hire. 

And how does Talent Discovery do that, Helmes answers, “The platform uses real-time labor market and compensation data to align expectations between recruiters and hiring managers.”

It also allows you to create customized and professional email campaigns to ensure the identified candidates are engaged with the process. With an inbuilt analytics tool, it will also give you insights on who did what action on your email campaigns, thus giving you marketer like powers.

This is surely a sign of times to come where the recruiter is expected to don multiple hats and work on employer brand building related actions while conducting all recruitment activities. The CB Talent Discovery gives some tools in the hands of the recruiter to help her do this effectively. 

The recruitment technology space has seen a lot of action recently. Companies like Google with its Google Hire platform and Social media companies like Facebook and LinkedIn with their own solutions, this space is buzzing with action. 

Commenting on the future of recruitment technology, Helmes said, “In an era where speed, while maintaining a good candidate experience, is vital, we know how important it is to remove complexity, improve efficiencies and outcomes and provide an easy, intuitive user experience for all parties.”

For a company which started as a job board and has now successfully moved into recruitment technology solutions, CareerBuilder is definitely way ahead of its traditional competition like Monster and Naukri in this space. It has built a platform to help recruiter take all critical recruitment actions in one place, backed by its own 150 million strong candidate database, that’s an unmatched advantage in this space right now.

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