News: Andy Jassy’s new gig entails upping Amazon’s current headcount by at least 20%

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Andy Jassy’s new gig entails upping Amazon’s current headcount by at least 20%

To cater to the emerging demand in retail, cloud and advertising along with the requirement of employees for Project Kuiper, Amazon is planning to recruit around 55,000 new employees in the tech and corporate sector.
Andy Jassy’s new gig entails upping Amazon’s current headcount by at least 20%

Amazon recently announced its plan to initiate a hiring spree and recruit 55,000 new employees in the corporate and technology sector. Andy Jassy, Chief Executive Officer, Amazon, revealed the necessity to match up to the exponential demand in advertising, cloud, retail jobs that the company will see in the coming months. The company's bid to enhance broadband access and launch satellites under Project Juiper further corroborates the need for skilled employees. The recruitment spree is set to begin on September 15, 2021, marking Career Day.

The US survey, from PwC, suggests more than half of the employees are looking for a career change and Jassy is hopeful that there will be many in the market for the taking. He further stated that the recruitment spree would amount to a 20% rise in Amazon's corporate and technology staff. Out of the total 55,000 jobs, 40,000 will be based out of the US and the rest for India, Germany and Japan.

The upcoming recruitment spree is reported to face extensive scrutiny of labor practices along with conflicts from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. This comes after Amazon's slight setback earlier this year in the Alabama case, with regard to its taxing warehouse work by an employee and consequent hostile stance against the unions.

Commenting on enhancing work culture and employee vision towards work and ethics, Jassy mentioned his prime focus will be on improving customer experience, innovativeness and inventiveness. Amazon is also branding innovative job roles including research science, engineering and robotics sales.

From Amazon's previous motto of office centric culture, it has gradually shifted to a hybrid approach. The company is now offering a work model with three days at the office, commencing 2022 onwards. Apart from adopting a hybrid work model, Amazon is making strides to enhance its productivity, work culture, revenue and a consistent stronghold in the global market. The retail giant is further focusing on investing more on warehouses and ramping up pay scales of workers. Jassy mentions, the motive is to magnetize retailers and shopkeepers to build a strong delivery system. Additionally, the company believes in offering competitive pay, ranging from $15 -$17 per hour.

The company has accumulated impressive revenues by bringing in around 500,000 new job roles in delivery and warehousing related services, the previous year. 

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