News: Mozilla cuts 5% of its workforce under new CEO Laura Chambers

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Mozilla cuts 5% of its workforce under new CEO Laura Chambers

Mozilla Firefox CEO Mitchell Baker stepped down from the role last week, and the strategic changes were announced soon after board member Laura Chambers succeeded her.
Mozilla cuts 5% of its workforce under new CEO Laura Chambers

Firefox developer Mozilla Corporation has announced lay offs of around 5% of its total workforce in an attempt to scale back investments in some product areas.

Reportedly, the projects and roles affected by the lay-off include the Online Footprint Scrubber, which is a part of the Mozilla Monitor Plus service, and VPN Relay projects. Announcing the strategic shuffle today, the company stated, “We’re scaling back investment in some product areas to focus on areas that we feel have the greatest chance of success. We intend to reprioritise resources against products like Firefox Mobile, where there’s a significant opportunity to grow and establish a better model for the industry.”

The company also announced scaling back its service and the merger of Pocket, Content, and its AI/ML teams into the Firefox Organisation.

The open-source web development company announced cutbacks on projects soon after the new Chief Executive Officer, Laura Chambers, succeeded Mitchell Baker, who stepped down from the position last week. Baker will assume the role of executive chair and focus on product vision and strategy, doubling down on Firefox, and bringing new products to market. “During my 25 years at Mozilla, I’ve worn many hats, and this move is driven by a desire to streamline our focus and leadership for the challenges ahead. I’ve been leading the Mozilla business through a transformative period while also overseeing Mozilla’s broader mission. It’s become evident that both endeavours need dedicated full-time leadership,” said Baker in an official announcement.

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This marks the second significant layoff at Mozilla. Earlier in 2020, around 250 workers were laid off along with the closure of Taipei, Taiwan operations, and a strategic shuffle for more than 60 employees under the leadership of CEO Baker. Moreover, as part of cost-saving measures, the company also paused hiring and reduced the wellness stipend for all remaining employees.

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