News: Amazon's layoff: Woman fired and rehired, now back with same team

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Amazon's layoff: Woman fired and rehired, now back with same team

The recently rehired Amazon employee shared that she has been appointed as a Product Manager in the social marketing team, which happens to be the very same team she was a part of prior to her layoff.
Amazon's layoff: Woman fired and rehired, now back with same team

After being terminated from Amazon in January of this year, a former employee made a surprising announcement of rejoining the company's same team only four months later. Paige Cipriani took to LinkedIn to share her recent reemployment, revealing that she has returned as the Product Manager in the social marketing team, where she had previously been working.

“I am so happy to announce that on Monday I started back at Amazon on the Social Marketing team, the same team I was on before being laid off in January. I was re-hired, as a Product Marketing Manager, in a newly opened position so will be focusing on a different line of business than before. I feel so thankful to be back on such a great team and am looking forward to what this new (yet familiar) journey holds,” read her post. 

In a LinkedIn post back in January, Cipriani candidly disclosed her departure from Amazon.

She wrote, "Unfortunately, yesterday I woke up to the news that I was one of 18,000 employees laid off from Amazon. It is incredibly hard and I am still trying to process it all. I am sad because my journey at the company had just begun and I was working with some of the most incredibly smart people in the industry. I am still so grateful for the time I have spent there, the connections I have made and everything I learned. I am officially #opentowork looking for Social Marketing roles immediately. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice or opportunities you can offer! Feel free to message me here with leads.”

Recently, Amazon took the action of terminating 500 of its employees in India. These job reductions occurred in various sectors of the company, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), human resources (HR), and support functions. What adds to the distressing aspect is that the job cuts are still ongoing. 

In March, Amazon's CEO Andy Jassy declared the layoff of 9,000 employees worldwide, and the company also implemented layoffs in January, impacting 18,000 employees globally.

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