News: NTU and IHRP launch new courses to fast-track HR professionals


NTU and IHRP launch new courses to fast-track HR professionals

Current HR practitioners will be able to improve their business, digital, and financial skills, while non-HR practitioners who wish to move into HR roles will be able to pick up fundamental skills of the profession.
NTU and IHRP launch new courses to fast-track HR professionals

HR professionals and aspiring practitioners in Singapore will soon have two new upskilling options available to them. Nanyang Technological University and the Institute for Human Resource Professionals announced this week that they are collaborating to launch two new programmes specifically aimed at developing HR talent. The programmes are delivered by NTU under the university's “MiniMasters” platform for upskilling working adults and recent graduates.

The first programme is the “Minimasters in HR Thought Leadership”, targeting current HR practitioners who wish to strengthen their business, digital and financial acumen. It comprises five graduate courses covering strategic management, finance fundamentals, Business ethics, and newer topics such as Analytics Technology in Business and Digital Marketing. Participants who complete this programme will receive a certificate from NTU and be qualified to apply for the IHRP Senior Professional certification.

The second programme, the “MiniMasters in Strategic HR Performance”, is meant for non-HR practitioners who are keen to take on a HR function in their organisations or to make a career transition into HR. It comprises five graduate courses covering strategic HR in the digital age, strategic rewards, talent sourcing, acquisition and development, as well as a capstone project to perform a HR diagnosis of a company. IHRP consultants will be engaged for this capstone project.

Applications for both programmes will open later this year and the first run of the programmes will commence in November, with class sizes of 35 to 40 participants. The courses will be taught by faculty of NTU's Nanyang Business School in a mixed format, combining online classes over Zoom and lectures in-person.

Mayank Parekh, Chief Executive Officer of IHRP, said that the collaboration between educational institutions and the industry will help to better equip HR professionals for their work.

He said: “Traditional HR practices are rapidly evolving - impacted by technology, generational shifts and more recently by the public health challenge. Many organisations are seeking to build new capabilities in digital, business acumen and workforce reskilling. This partnership between NTU and IHRP brings a combination of academic and professional standards that will accelerate learning in emerging areas coupled with career growth and opportunities for both HR and non-HR practitioners alike.”

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