News: 72% employers don’t see a degree as reliable recruitment factor: Survey


72% employers don’t see a degree as reliable recruitment factor: Survey

The new research, conducted by Morning Consult, consisted of interviews and baseline surveys of 1,500 Gen Z teens and more than 600 employers, to understand current familiarity with and perceptions of non-degree postsecondary pathways.
72% employers don’t see a degree as reliable recruitment factor: Survey

While some employers are still looking for academic degrees while shortlisting candidates, some have started looking beyond that. According to a study conducted by Morning Result and commissioned by American Student Assistance (ASA), both students and employers say that non-degree pathways can be high-quality learning opportunities, but both groups believe that they need more information to better understand the full range of options and their quality, including non-traditional degrees and other credentials.

Key findings:

  • 81% of employers agree organizations should hire based on skills rather than degrees.
  • 58% of Gen Z students agree companies should hire more high school graduates who have pursued non-degree pathways
  • 68% employers desire to hire non-degree candidates
  • 72% employers don’t see a degree as reliable
  • 52% employers still hire from degree programs
  • 37% gen z students believe employers favor degrees
  • 65% gen z students fear risk of choosing the wrong post secondary path

"The four-year college degree is clearly not the only path to success. Encouraging students to pursue that route without considering all their options is outdated and is increasingly out of step with the demands of a new generation of young people hungry for skills, opportunities, and a career journey that offers financial freedom on their own terms," said Jean Eddy, president and CEO of ASA. "That's why ASA is collaborating with JFF on this important initiative to increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance of non-degree learning opportunities."

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