News: U.S tech industry sees increase in remote working by 56%: CompTIA study


U.S tech industry sees increase in remote working by 56%: CompTIA study

The unemployment rate for tech occupations edged up to 2.3% paralleling the directional change of the national unemployment rate (3.7%).
U.S tech industry sees increase in remote working by 56%: CompTIA study

While companies are struggling with quitting and talent shortage, a study conducted by CompTIA found that the tech companies have added as many as 25,000 jobs in the month of August. The report is based on analysis of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) "Employment Situation” and it states that the tech industry employment has increased by 175,700 jobs in 2022 and is tracking 46% ahead of last year and 92% ahead of 2019.

Geographical analysis

The New York City, Washington, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles metro areas had the most job postings for tech positions, while Allentown (PA), Raleigh (NC) and Columbus (OH) recorded the largest month-over-month increases in tech job postings.

Remote working on the rise

CompTIA's analysis also shows that options for remote work and work from home continue to increase for technology workers. From January through August 2022, tech job postings where employers specify remote work is up 56% over last year and 281% from the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

Intra-industry hiring data

Within the tech sector, new hiring in the IT services and custom software development occupation category, which expanded by 14,400 workers, paced August's job gains. Solid growth also occurred in computer and electronic products manufacturing (+4,500), data processing, hosting and related services (+3,200) and other information services, including search engines (+3,000). Telecommunications jobs increased by a modest 400.

Commenting on the numbers, Tim Herbert, chief research officer at CompTIA said, "Stability in tech hiring continues to be an over-arching theme this year. Despite all the economic noise and pockets of layoffs, aggregate tech hiring remains consistently positive."

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