News: Tech unemployment rate falls by 1.8% in the US: Report


Tech unemployment rate falls by 1.8% in the US: Report

Technology industry companies added 20,300 net new workers in June, the 19th consecutive month of employment growth, CompTIA's analysis from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows.
Tech unemployment rate falls by 1.8% in the US: Report

With the  increasing issues with workforce management in an era of talent shortage, organisations are focusing on boosting hiring activities, especially for the tech roles. According to a study conducted by CompTIA, the unemployment rate for tech occupations fell back to 1.8%, compared to the overall national unemployment rate of 3.6%. 

The study titled CompTIA Tech Jobs Report reveals that the employment rate for the tech workers grew the most in the month of June 2022. The highest rate of hiring was observed in the IT and software industry with a rise of 10,000+ new hires by the end of June followed by data processing, (3,700+), other info services (3,600+), semiconductor manufacturing (2,300+) and telecommunications (700+).

Commenting on the report, Tim Herbert, chief research officer at CompTIA said, “"The stronger than expected job gains reaffirm the critical role of tech across every sector and every business in the economy. It also highlights the limitations in projecting company-specific hiring practices to the broader tech workforce." 

The findings show that the highest number of hires were made by Capital One which hired 13,774 new candidates. This was  followed by Amazon (9,204) and Deloitte (7,368). 

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