News: 10 jobs to make your tourist dreams come true

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10 jobs to make your tourist dreams come true

As we recognize World Tourism Day, let’s take a look at some of the jobs in the travel and tourism sector that can help you travel and earn at the same time.
10 jobs to make your tourist dreams come true

To travel or not to travel--that is the question. The lure of unknown lands and unexplored cities is only known to the one bitten by the travel bug. Are you yearning to travel and looking for a different kind of routine that involves visiting exotic places? If you are wanting to dust off those tourist’s shoes and rediscover new cities, why not take up a job that enables you to travel and earn at the same time! 

This World Tourism Day, let’s explore some of the job roles in the travel and tourism sector: 

Marine engineer: 

Average annual salary: Rs. 4,38,312 to Rs. 11,40,000

If you feel like taking to the sea, you can train to become a marine engineer. The job not only gives you the chance to explore the ocean but also to learn about the marine ecosystem. 


Average annual salary: Rs. 2,88,516 to Rs. 8,16,000

This is a no-brainer! If you have the passion to travel, being able to navigate airplanes is your automatic ticket to traveling to new places. It is a job role that comes with high levels of responsibility in terms of safety of freight and passengers. 

Flight attendant: 

Average annual salary: Rs. 2,26,140 to Rs. 5,88,000

If you are a people person and excel in hospitality skills, the role of a flight attendant could be your calling. 

Travel Manager: 

Annual average salary: Rs. 6,16,868 to Rs. 15,93,000

Impeccable organizational and planning skills are essential for this role. The ability to manage projects from end-to-end which include planning, negotiating, booking, and executing is going to go a long way in helping you become a coveted travel manager. 

Senior Travel Counsellor: 

Average annual salary: Rs. 4,45, 628 to Rs. 9,46,000

Guiding tourists in the right direction when it comes to making decisions about travel destination, means of transport, accommodation, and activities can help you fulfill the role of a travel counsellor and remain in the inside circles of the travel and tourism industry. 

Travel Agent 

Average annual salary: Rs. 2,26,149 to Rs. 5,88,000

The ability to conduct sales and business development will be instrumental in becoming a skillful travel agent who can plan and sell transportation, accommodation, and travel services. 

Travel Consultant

Average annual salary: Rs. 2,47,068 to Rs. 5,88,000

Empathizing with the travelers, understanding their needs and aspirations will be invaluable when advising clients towards suitable travel options for their needs and budget. 


Average annual salary: Rs. 2,01,396 to Rs. 5,28,000

This role could fall under the gig economy and freelancing realm and give you the flexibility to travel anytime and work from anywhere. 

Travel Coordinator 

Average annual salary: Rs. 2,04,336 to Rs. 4,92,000

The responsibility of making travel arrangements for groups, individuals, corporates, rests with the travel coordinator who is in-charge of scheduling flights, ground transportation, making accommodation bookings, and any other travel-related tasks that might pop up. 

Travel Content Writer 

Average annual salary: Rs. 1,86,972 to Rs. 4,68,000

Wanting to recreate travel experiences and painting a picture with words for others can be rewarding! The role of a travel content writer, much like that of a blogger, can allow you to travel, write, and earn at the same time. 

The salary estimates are from Indeed’s job listings from the last 36 months. 

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