News: Millennials in Singapore eager to ride on digitalisation wave

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Millennials in Singapore eager to ride on digitalisation wave

A survey by BrightSparks Scholarship and Education shows a sharp increase in popularity of Computer Science and Information Technology courses
Millennials in Singapore eager to ride on digitalisation wave

Amidst a backdrop of global interest in digital talent, local tertiary students are choosing Computer Science/ Information Technology and Information Systems as one of their most preferred course of study. Yet while most are keen to finance their further studies with scholarships, many graduates are hesitant to apply due to concerns over their academic ability, according to a survey by 2018 BrightSparks Scholarship and Education Survey. 

Computer Science/ Information Technology and Information Systems courses are the most desired courses among top GCE ‘A’ Level and International Baccalaureate (IB) graduates, and among the top two choices for all respondents. Other popular courses include Business Administration and Health Sciences.

“The popularity of computer science courses could be attributed to the fact that with the upcoming trend of technology, there are excellent prospects and demand for people trained in this field,” said Premlesh Machama, APAC Region President of CareerBuilder Singapore.

While applying for scholarships continue to be the preferred option to finance further studies, the fear of not being able to keep up with the required grades or not being able to meet the academic requirements is one of the biggest barriers across the board. “There is a predominant understanding that scholarships are awarded only to top students with good grades. Academic grades are not the only criteria, and there is a need to highlight to students other key attributes, such as leadership skills and co-curricular activities involvement, that can determine the outcome of getting a desirable scholarship,” added Premlesh.  

Other findings 

The Healthcare sector is the most preferred industry of work, a departure from 2017’s Banking and Financial Services sector. Respondents were also very keen on the Public Service, Banking and Financial Services, Engineering, and Computer Software sectors.  

Prominent scholarship providers such as the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology remains among the top 3 favorites among the students. The increasing interest in the healthcare sector saw MOH Holdings rise significantly in popularity as the most preferred scholarship provider among polytechnic graduates, and one of the top 5 overall options for respondents. 

Respondents were unanimous in the top three factors that make an ideal job – Having good career growth and opportunities, work-life balance, and job security. Other factors cited include having an interesting job scope and being in a position to make a positive impact on society.  Similar to 2017, most respondents expect a starting salary of S$3,001 to S$3,500. 

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