News: Right-Hand Cybersecurity announces $5M Series A

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Right-Hand Cybersecurity announces $5M Series A

Led by former PayPal executive Jack Selby and his firm AZ-VC, the round will enable Right-Hand to expand its global operations and Human Risk Management platform to reduce employee-caused security incidents.
Right-Hand Cybersecurity announces $5M Series A

Right-Hand Cybersecurity has raised a USD5 million Series A led by former PayPal executive Jack Selby and his firm AZ-VC, the largest venture capital firm in Arizona, United States of America (U.S.).

With the successful close of its Series A round, Right-Hand will expand its operations across Asia and the US while investing heavily in its Human Risk Management platform that efficiently integrates with other commonly adopted and relied upon security solutions.

Right-Hand takes a human-centered approach to cybersecurity that improves employee behaviors in real-time that are otherwise prone to cascade potentially devastating cybersecurity breaches.

A report by IBM Security and Ponemon Institute estimates that a company breach in Singapore costs SGD 3.65 million (USD 2.7 million), while in Australia, cybercrimes cost businesses and individuals over AUD 1.4 billion (USD 1.0 billion) in 2020, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). Since most breaches are caused by human error, behaviour change and the human’s role in cybersecurity have never been more important.

Right-Hand aims to expand its platform integrations with commonly adopted technologies to improve employee behaviors and lower their risk tendencies.  And by keeping the training experience crisp, gamified and to the point, it’s a win-win for security teams and employees alike.

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