News: FlexOS secures oversubscribed $1 Million seed funding round

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FlexOS secures oversubscribed $1 Million seed funding round

Singapore HR Tech firm’s funding round was led by Do Ventures along with VIK Partners, Vulpes Ventures, Hustle Fund and more.
FlexOS secures oversubscribed $1 Million seed funding round

FlexOS, a Singapore-based HRtech firm that drives employee engagement and retention for companies adopting a hybrid work model, has closed an oversubscribed $1 million seed round.

The funding round was led by Do Ventures. The venture firm released a statement saying, “Do Ventures is delighted to partner with FlexOS on its mission to reimagine how teams can collaborate effectively across time zones in ways that promote productivity and well-being from anywhere.”

Vy Le, General Partner at Do Ventures said, “FlexOS is a high potential team with extensive industry knowledge and a great passion for creating the ideal employee experience in the new era of work, which can allow it to effectively penetrate other markets in Asia-Pacific.”

For the uninitiated, a funding round is oversubscribed when the company has obtained funding commitments from investors that, in aggregate, amount to more money than the company needs or intends to raise. The term is informally used to describe a state where there is more money available than the company needs.

The angel investors who invested in FlexOS include Windy Natriavi, an early GoJek VP, renowned management consultant Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra, Jeff Lonsdale, Julian Low, Kheng Lian, Marc Gottesman, and Amarit “Aim” Charoenphan.

The FlexOS founding team includes Daan van Rossum (Ogilvy, Dreamplex), Greg Marschall (Knowork), and Jonah Levey (Vietnam works, Dreamplex), who saw the shift of companies moving towards hybrid working. Together, they developed FlexOS to offer companies data-driven tools to engage and retain hybrid teams and operate hybrid offices.

Jonah Levey, Executive Director, FlexOS said, “Managing a hybrid workforce and workplace is difficult, even for the most advanced companies. FlexOS goes well beyond addressing the administrative challenges of hybrid work by creating an engaging and fulfilling employee experience.”

He also added that the company helps employees stay more connected to their colleagues and their companies, feel part of a workplace community while working in or out of the office, and ultimately support people and companies to be more successful.

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