News: AC Ventures leads Series A funding round for agritech firm Koltiva


AC Ventures leads Series A funding round for agritech firm Koltiva

By securing seven-figure funding in the series A round, Koltiva aims to enhance its SAAS products enabling producer profiling, plot mapping, seed-to-table traceability, and expert training for MNCs based in Indonesia and 52 other countries.
AC Ventures leads Series A funding round for agritech firm Koltiva

Koltiva, an Indonesian agritech startup, has successfully secured an investment exceeding seven figures in a Series A funding round led by AC Ventures, a distinguished early-stage venture capital firm. 

The funding round featured top investors like Silverstrand Capital, Planet Rise, Development Finance Asia, and Blue 7. Additionally, The Meloy Fund, a prominent impact investor in Southeast Asia, extended support as an existing investor.

With this funding, the agritech firm is set to strengthen its SAAS product, enabling MNCs to achieve end-to-end supply chain traceability, encompassing the entire journey from small-scale producers in Indonesia and other countries to the end consumer's table. 

Koltiva specialises in:

  • In agritech, they provide services like producer profiling, plot mapping, seed-to-table traceability, and expert training.
  • On the climate side, they are developing products for greenhouse gas assessments and offering climate-smart farm support, land use mapping, and risk alerts to their clients.

Furthermore, the agritech firm has earned recognition from the European Council for its compliance with the EU's Deforestation-Free Products Regulation (EUDR), which guarantees that the products are free from deforestation and adhere to precise legal standards.

The firm also offers a comprehensive website and mobile app that handles producer registration, surveys, crop transaction monitoring, deforestation mapping, and measuring greenhouse gas emissions on farms. Manfred Borer, Co-Founder and CEO of Koltiva explained, “Koltiva goes beyond traceability. By providing comprehensive seed-to-table traceability, we empower corporations to wisely navigate the dynamic landscape of evolving regulations and sustainable practice compliance while enhancing smallholder producers; livelihoods. We aim to foster an ecosystem benefiting global brands while also uplifting the grassroots level of the supply chain. We envision a world where transparent and sustainable trade is standard.” 

Helen Wong, Managing Partner at AC Ventures, added, “As MNCs lean more toward sustainability, Indonesia-based Koltiva is poised to become a major player in ensuring transparent supply chains. By bolstering the livelihoods of small-scale farmers in emerging markets and helping them to adapt to climate change, Koltiva is a great example of how modern tech can reshape conventional industries, deliver global impact, and build a more environmentally sustainable future for generations to come.”

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