News: Banking on success: LinkedIn highlights Singapore's top employers

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Banking on success: LinkedIn highlights Singapore's top employers

Discover which non-banking 'dark horse' made it to Singapore’s top employers list, challenging the financial titans.
Banking on success: LinkedIn highlights Singapore's top employers

LinkedIn's annual Top Companies list for Singapore highlights the dominance of the banking sector in providing the best career growth opportunities in the country.

The list featured 15 companies based on an in-depth analysis of LinkedIn data, emphasising factors such as career advancement, skills growth, and company stability.

Banks and financial service firms secured five out of the top six spots, with DBS Bank leading the charge. Schneider Electric was the lone non-financial group, landing in second place, followed by Standard Chartered Bank, American Express, and OCBC Bank.

This strong showing underscores the banking industry's resilience and adaptability amidst a rapidly changing economic landscape. Here’s the full list:

1. DBS Bank

2. Schneider Electric

3. Standard Chartered Bank

4. American Express

5. OCBC Bank

6. Singlife

7. Procter & Gamble

8. BD

9. Abbott

10. Mastercard

11. Takeda

12. Roche

13. S&P Global

14. Alphabet Inc.

15. HSBC


A testament to employee investment

According to LinkedIn, the 2024 honourees exemplify the importance of prioritising employee experience. In Singapore's context, this translates to embracing AI advancements and promoting work flexibility.

Leading banks have been quick to adapt, launching various AI-centric initiatives such as training programs and scholarships, ensuring their workforce remains ahead of the curve.

“This year's rankings demonstrate that banks are not only thriving financially but are also investing significantly in their people,” said Olivier Legrand, LinkedIn's Managing Director for Asia Pacific.

“They are cultivating environments where employees can learn, grow, and make a real impact, making them highly attractive to job seekers,” he added.

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Notable skills and job functions

LinkedIn’s data also shed light on the most sought-after skills and job functions within these top-ranking banks.

Commercial banking, capital markets, and software development reign supreme, while business analysts, business development officers, and product team managers emerge as the most common job titles.

The finance, business development, and information technology sectors dominate the list of largest job functions, indicating a wealth of opportunities for professionals in these fields.

Interestingly, remote work options continue to rise, with some banks offering up to 19.64% hybrid roles in the post-pandemic era.

Beyond banking: Diversity in the top 15

While banks stole the limelight, the top companies list also features a diverse range of other industries. Pharmaceutical giants like Roche and Takeda made a strong showing, emphasizing the importance of biomedical engineering, pharmaceutics, and medicine skills.

Meanwhile, technology companies like Mastercard and Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company) showcased the growing demand for expertise in growth strategies, competitive strategies, and software engineering.

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LinkedIn's methodology for compiling the list is rigorous, based on eight pillars that have been shown to lead to career progression. To be eligible, companies must have at least 500 employees in Singapore as of December 31, 2023, and maintain a low attrition rate.

The 2024 top companies list serves as a valuable compass for professionals seeking fulfilling careers in Singapore. It not only reaffirms the banking sector's dominance but also highlights the diverse range of opportunities available across various industries.

With its comprehensive insights and data-driven approach, LinkedIn continues to empower individuals to navigate their career paths with confidence.

LinkedIn encourages job seekers to explore the top companies list to gain actionable insights into the roles, skills, and functions in demand.

Each company profile provides a snapshot of their work culture, along with current job openings and opportunities to connect with employees.

Moreover, LinkedIn offers various resources, including learning courses on leveraging transferable skills and digital networking strategies, to help individuals enhance their career prospects.

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