News: Oracle launches new EX platform for employee “journeys”

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Oracle launches new EX platform for employee “journeys”

Oracle Journeys is a new platform that HR teams and managers can use to provide customized milestones and guidance for almost any event in an employee's work life.
Oracle launches new EX platform for employee “journeys”

Oracle this week announced the launch of a new employee experience platform, Oracle Journeys, within its Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management system.

The new platform allows employers to set up “journeys” for employees at every stage of their working life, comprising a series of personalized tasks, milestones, guidance, and access to resources for any event an employee might encounter—whether onboarding, having a baby, returning to the workplace, launching a new product, or growing their career.

Managers and HR teams can create and assign customized “journeys” to employees, who can access their “journeys” through any device. The platform identifies three types of “journeys”: work-related, career-related, and personal depending on the employee's needs for a specific issue or period of time.

According to Oracle Cloud HCM Senior Vice President of Development Chris Leone, the new platform will help to close the gap between the consumer technology experience and the workplace technology experience. "As offices reopen, it will be critical to provide consistent and positive experiences both in the office and for remote workers,” he said. “But it doesn't stop there. Organizations need to provide guidance throughout an employee's entire career, from training to finding a mentor, returning to the workplace, and eventually traveling safely.”

R. "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, said that being able to manage “journeys” through the HCM system allows organizations to better manage and grow their workforce during challenging times: “The employee experience is easy to take for granted, but it pays dividends when invested in properly. Companies that make deliberate efforts to make tasks quicker and easier with positive experiences for their workforce will reap the benefits of increased satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.”

Global analyst Josh Bersin also commented in a review of the new platform that such products are well positioned for the current interest in “return to work” and “safe workplace” strategies, and described EX platforms such as Oracle Journeys as “the hottest part of the human capital systems market.”

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