News: Hong Kong employees are less engaged compared to peers

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Hong Kong employees are less engaged compared to peers

The level of pride, commitment and initiative have consistently declined over the last three years among Hong Kong employees, according to a Mercer’s report.
Hong Kong employees are less engaged compared to peers

A major concern in the Hong Kong workplace is the consistent decline of satisfaction among employees. Even though 75 percent of employees in Hong Kong are engaged in their work, it is still way behind its counterparts in the region.

Hong Kong ranked 17th on the Competitiveness Index Report. Most companies have not yet realized the value of appreciating and nurturing relevant skills. It is important to encourage employees who are competent and help them realize their potential.

About 76 percent of Hong Kong employees feel that they are a part of the decision-making process that directly affects their work, based on the report wherein more than 40 companies in Hong Kong were surveyed. Employees from varied industries both at the local and global level were asked questions that measured their commitment, motivation, and ownership of work they felt towards their companies and employers.

According to the report, employees seek a sense of purpose in their work and want a meaningful experience that aligns with their individual values. In Hong Kong, about 8 out of 10 employees feel that their work gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Only a small percentage of those engaged employees said they were particularly enthusiastic about taking on additional responsibilities in order to help their respective organizations. At the same time, just 75 percent believe that they get adequate chances to upskill themselves and continue to grow their expertise.

“Employees in Hong Kong feel lack of leadership communication and cross-functional collaboration will inhibit them at work,” said Jackson Kam, Regional Talent Strategy Leader for Mercer.

While in the APAC region, 75 percent of the employees would say that to their companies are “good places to work,” only 71 percent of workers in Hong Kong are ready to endorse their workplaces.

Kam said tapping into employee engagement is the best way for Hong Kong to build a diverse and strong human capital.

“If performance and productivity are a combination of individual talent and engagement, the best way to optimize talent is to ensure it’s engaged,” he said.

Employee engagement is crucial for Hong Kong’s economy to scale up in order to enter the competition against its peers in the region as more and more companies look towards this area to set up their headquarters.

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