News: Pride Global launches Decidedly Diverse, to promote DE&I in staffing industry


Pride Global launches Decidedly Diverse, to promote DE&I in staffing industry

To support and promote diversity, inclusion and equity, Pride Global has started a programme Decidedly Diverse. The vision behind the initiative is to improve the prevailing hurdles in the staffing sector concerning minority groups, lack of opportunities, skills and resources etc.
Pride Global launches Decidedly Diverse, to promote DE&I in staffing industry

US based human capital solutions and advisory company, Pride Global recently announced the launch of an initiative, named Decidedly Diverse. The scheme Decidedly Diverse is based on the idea to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the recruitment sector and the society altogether. With the launch of the initiative, Pride Global will enhance investments on children and empower clients to improve the recruitment community as a whole. The company further aims to enhance networking, provide better opportunities and practices across its DE&I initiatives to clients through its forums and events.

Following the launch of the Decidedly Diverse initiative, Kamela Forbes has been appointed as the Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Forbes is entrusted to lead and manage Pride Global's DEI scheme and policies along with the company's long term goals to ramp up its services and business globally.

Adopting a diversity oriented approach the programme Decidedly Diverse has initially demarcated four major pillars to cater to the growing demands of clients around the world-

1. Diverse recruitment

2. Hiring with special emphasis on minority groups

3. Trainings and incentives to employers and recruiters

4. Diverse data pool with setting up of diversity focused career fairs

Pride Global has a trade association, Diversity Staffing Alliance, which is focused on providing business opportunities, networking with corporate clients and managed service providers to companies having diverse ownership pools. DSA also aids minority owned staffing companies with legal support, networking events, insurance, business advisory, etc.

As per Pride in Education, Pride Global's 501(c)(3) organization, it puts special emphasis on enhancing skills and knowledge among children; training students to grab better job opportunities in the market; along with leadership, professional and personal skills.

Commenting on the new initiative, CEO of Pride Global, Leo Russell said, "Diversity, equity and inclusion have been a part of our message for over 35 years, especially as a minority-owned business. Now, with Decidedly Diverse, we are empowering our competitors and investing in children to make an impact on the entire staffing ecosystem and better serve our clients and communities".


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