News: Mercer and EDGE partner to help build gender-equal workforce of tomorrow


Mercer and EDGE partner to help build gender-equal workforce of tomorrow

Mercer | EDGE is a tool designed to make companies more transparent, identify gaps and create sustainable solutions to create gender equal workplaces that help meet business goals.
Mercer and EDGE partner to help build gender-equal workforce of tomorrow

Mercer, an international consulting company, partnered with EDGE Certification to give companies a solution to their challenges of creating a gender-equal and more diverse workplace. EDGE creates a certification standard for gender equality based on its assessment methodology.

Analyzing a company’s policies and structures in order to identify the gaps because of which the organization is unable to achieve the desired gender parity is a crucial step in the new alliance’s strategy. Once the analysis is complete, the tool helps businesses bring together the business asks and the aspirations of the leadership along with employee well-being to find ways in which the company can become a more diverse and equal workplace.

“In addition to helping companies create optimal workplaces for women and men, it will also help organizations to benefit from a more diverse workforce,” said Pat Milligan, Senior Partner and Global Leader, Multinational Client Group and When Women Thrive, Mercer.

The aim is to offer companies transparency at different steps on their journey towards achieving gender parity. Aligning business goals and using the diverse workforce in meeting those is key to creating a sustainable, equal, diverse and inclusive workforce.

Companies can get an appraisal on the basis of their performance and progress towards creating a gender-equal workforce. The executives will also get a communication toolkit that they can use while recruiting new talent so that they are able to appeal to a wider pool of applicants.

In an effort to forge gender equal workplaces for tomorrow, this tool aims to motivate companies to become transparent and strengthen their commitment towards a diverse and inclusive workforce by offering them EDGE certifications and tools to identify long-lasting solutions to their challenges of closing the gender gap.

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