News: Singapore's most desirable employers


Singapore's most desirable employers

A recent report in Singapore assessed the top 20 employers in the country based on a criteria of work-life balance, career advancement opportunities, company reputation, and employee benefits.
Singapore's most desirable employers

The world of work has undergone significant transformations since 2020, influencing talent expectations and redefining what makes an employer attractive. The global pandemic, social movements, technological advancements, and environmental challenges have all shifted people’s perspectives on their careers, well-being, and values. 

To successfully attract and retain the best talent, employers must adapt to the changing dynamics of the workforce. This requires adjusting their approaches and proactively responding to job seekers’ evolving needs and aspirations.

This article explores the top employers in Singapore in 2023, known for their strong appeal among employees. Studying these leading employers provides valuable insights into factors contributing to their success in attracting and retaining talented individuals.

Singapore’s top 20 most attractive employers

A recent survey in Singapore evaluated 75 companies and ranked them based on factors such as salary, work-life balance, and career growth. The findings revealed the top 20 most desirable employers for job seekers. 

Conducted by leading recruitment agency Randstad, the study evaluated factors such as work-life balance, career advancement opportunities, company reputation, and employee benefits to determine the rankings. 

During the survey, Singaporean employees were asked to assess the brand awareness of commercial companies. They rated 75 organisations based on crucial employee value proposition drivers such as attractive salary and benefits, work-life balance, and career progression opportunities. The survey results revealed a diverse mix of companies from various industries that reached the top 20.

A renowned global technology giant, Google stood out as the preferred employer due to its innovative work culture and employee-centric policies. Joining Google in the top 10 were prominent companies like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Interestingly, the survey revealed an increasing attraction towards local organisations. Singapore-based companies such as DBS Bank, Singapore Airlines, and Changi Airport Group secured positions in the top 20, demonstrating their ability to compete with international giants in talent attraction and retention.

These findings highlight the changing priorities of today’s workforce. When evaluating potential employers, job seekers and employees in Singapore place significant emphasis on work-life balance, growth opportunities, and a positive company reputation.

The survey findings offer valuable insights into the preferred employers in Singapore, highlighting the growing significance of work-life balance, career progression, and company reputation in the current job market. By acknowledging and addressing these preferences, employers can establish themselves as highly desirable choices for talent in Singapore’s competitive business environment.

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