News: Apple workers call out workplace ‘abuse’ in letter to Tim Cook


Apple workers call out workplace ‘abuse’ in letter to Tim Cook

Employees, banding together through the #AppleToo protest, have published an open letter to CEO Tim Cook and other senior executives, asking for a safe and welcoming work culture with equal and inclusive opportunities.
Apple workers call out workplace ‘abuse’ in letter to Tim Cook

Apple employees are once again making their voices heard as they publish an open letter to CEO Tim Cook and other senior leaders. The missive, released by the group behind #AppleToo, challenges the technology company to fulfill its principles of inclusion, diversity and equity in the workplace.

The letter demands personal privacy; transparent and unbiased compensation; the routine review of third-party relationships (Sedgwick and NAVEX Global); enhanced people management practices; corporate leadership accountability; and the establishment of a support system with a transparent feedback loop. 

Apple employees also address the issue of discrimination and call for the investigation of complaints of abuse, mental and physical harassment, discrimination, suppression and retaliation. This is only the latest in a string of employee activist movements that have rocked tech giants in the past three years.

The publication of the letter follows two complaints filed by a group of employees contending unfair practices in the workplace. The US National Labor Relations Board will conduct a probe into these allegations. 

Apart from the investigations, Apple has also been facing numerous criticisms internally. In July, the company started formulating its return-to-office policy. Employees, however, pushed back and demanded a more flexible work arrangement. 

Here is an excerpt of the #AppleToo open letter:

To Tim Cook & the Senior Leadership team,

Apple prides itself on its commitment to diversity, equity, and an environment where every person is able to do their best work; however, in practice, this is far from the case. Our experiences with the People team in dealing with harassment and discrimination have left many of us more vulnerable.

Apple’s policies on privacy and device linking also ensure that when we do seek recourse, we risk our personal privacy being invaded. When we seek leave or accommodation through Apple’s mental and physical health partners, we are asked to release broad scope personal medical information to Apple and any of Apple’s agents for a blanket period of two years. Apple prides itself on its privacy policies, yet it feels as workers, our privacy is of no concern.

Hundreds of us have documented our stories of abuse, discrimination, and harassment. Hundreds of us have documented reporting our stories through internal channels, and receiving no relief. In sharing our stories, we are calling attention to our experiences working at Apple, and how much better we can do.

At Apple, we are called upon to do the right thing, and that must extend to how we treat employees. We are reaching out because Apple must fulfill its promise of inclusion, diversity, and equity. We demand an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome and has the promise of equal opportunity and treatment.

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