News: Alistair Scott appointed as Asia-Pacific Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover


Alistair Scott appointed as Asia-Pacific Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover

One of the largest automotive manufacturers has announced the appointment of a new Asia-Pacific Managing Director, who will lead 16 markets in the region.
Alistair Scott appointed as Asia-Pacific Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover

UK-headquartered automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover this week announced the appointment of Alistair Scott as the Managing Director for the Asia Pacific region. Alistair Scott is entrusted to handle and lead 16 major markets in the Asia Pacific region from the company's regional office in Singapore.

“Jaguar Land Rover has ambitious plans for sustainable growth and profitability, supported by innovation in new products, engines and environmental technologies. The Asia Pacific region was one of the best-performing markets among our overseas markets in FY 20/21 despite the impact of the pandemic. Having set a record retail quarter in FY21/22, we are on track to be one of the fastest-growing markets this fiscal year, and we remain committed to pursuing the tremendous potential in this region. With a dynamic and forward-looking global strategy driving us forward, I am delighted to be taking the role of Managing Director for Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific at such an exciting time for the company", said Alistair Scott.

Scott, with over 3 decades of experience, has worked at a number of companies world-wide and served various leadership and management roles in automotive industry, sales and management and business growth and development. He has worked at SsangYong Motor Distributors Limited, Korea as business liaison manager representing key interests of all the segments of the company; Subaru Limited & Isuzu Limited, United Kingdom as regional sales manager; Chesterton Petty Limited, Vietnam as Marketing manager handling clientele; Fiat Auto as Zonal Sales Manager, handling sales performance in Southwest England; IM Group as Regional Franchise Manager and business development manager, handling company's networking and development programme; Honda Limited, United Kingdom as Area Sales Manager.

He joined Jaguar Land Rover in the year 2013 as Regional Business Manager and handled various other roles including Business Development Manager, Sales Director and Managing Director majorly handling sales, marketing and after sales.


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