News: GoJek’s GoBlazers program recruiting drivers

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GoJek’s GoBlazers program recruiting drivers

GoJek is recruiting drivers who will beta-test new benefits and product features for the ride-hailing firm prior to launching them for all drivers to use.
GoJek’s GoBlazers program recruiting drivers

GoJek is hiring for an innovation group that includes a select group of drivers who will test out new products and provide feedback.

The members of the GoBlazers program, i.e. the initiative of the ride-hailing firm, will be active members of the community with leadership skills. The drivers who will be recruited to test out the new features will then transfer that skillset to the rest of the drivers who are not a part of the innovation group. Since these drivers will be privy to confidential information regarding new product features and technological changes, they will be asked to sign an NDA in order to be a part of the exclusive GoBlazers’ Program.

As far as the question of extra work is concerned, drivers will be paid according to the hours they spend in feedback sessions and the time spent in testing out the new features. Product managers and software engineers will work with the GoBlazers closely to understand what the drivers need and will refine the product updates accordingly. Whatsapp channels, surveys and feedback sessions will be used to collect feedback from these drivers.

GoBlazers’ launch comes on the heels of the announcement of the company looking to partner with other companies such as Gigacover for insurance schemes for drivers, in order to enhance their driver experience. The GoBlazers scheme is exclusive for drivers in Singapore.

GoJek is not the only ride-hailing firm to launch a holistic set of features to improve their drivers’ worklife. Rival Grab also has the Better 365 campaign that is designed to help drivers in different markets.

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