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The New HR Frontier

Charting the
Future of Work, Productivity, and Experience


Amid a period of business and talent evolution, organisations require the ability to understand the new parameters of success and build with the right strategic vision. With business leaders looking at talent as the key driver of success and growth amidst disruptive times, HR leaders are tasked with finding better ways to ensure their workforce is skilled, engaged, and retained.

To future-proof HR and ensure its effectiveness, it's necessary to focus on critical trends reshaping the talent landscape. Newer technologies are fast reshaping the landscape and HR leaders across APAC need data-backed, insightful, regionally relevant perspectives that enable them to ensure people remain central to business success.

People Matters and ServiceNow, are proud to bring you this exclusive collaboration that navigates the dynamic landscape of work and tech across APAC and brings you actionable strategies on how you can empower employees, leveraging GenAI, and unleash the new wave of productivity and experience through robust HR tech solutions. The campaign brings you a range of content assets, podcasts, exclusive conversations, and web panel discussions that will help you map the future and ensure you are equipped with the right tools.

Here is a snapshot of how ServiceNow can help you unlock EX and future-proof your HR.

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