Blog: Indonesia's Growth: HR at the Crossroads of Transformation

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Indonesia's Growth: HR at the Crossroads of Transformation

With Indonesia set to be among the largest economies of the world, we want to capture the tale of human capital transformation and innovation with People Matters TechHR Pulse Indonesia
Indonesia's Growth: HR at the Crossroads of Transformation

Indonesia's economic trajectory over the past decade is nothing short of impressive. Under President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo's leadership, Indonesia has positioned itself among the world's fastest-growing economies. Just think about it: a 43% GDP growth since his term began in 2014. And if the IMF's forecasts hold, Indonesia will be the world's 13th largest economy by 2028.

The aspirations set by "Golden Indonesia 2045" are both ambitious and exhilarating, painting a picture of Indonesia as the world's 5th largest economy in the coming years. This vision is accompanied by a swift digital transformation pace reshaping the nation's economic landscape.

But what's the central pillar driving this vision? Human capital. President Jokowi has often emphasized, "Excellent Human Resources is Key to Win Competition." The diverse fabric of Indonesia presents unique HR challenges, which makes the role of human resource professionals all the more crucial.

We are excited about the upcoming People Matters TechHR Pulse. The theme, "Design for the Future," truly resonates. It invites HR leaders to embrace possibilities, redefine boundaries, and imagine a future shaped collectively.

It's clear that Indonesia's growth narrative isn't just about economic figures; it's a tale of human capital transformation and innovation. Homegrown solutions are altering the business landscape and pioneering new paths for emerging industries.

Together, we will explore the following:

  • How do we help local businesses flourish?
  • How can technology build stronger connections, both in the workplace and in the broader community?
  • How do we ensure technology uplifts everyone, minimizing disparities and elevating those at the grassroots?
  • How do we shape education to mold the leaders and innovators of tomorrow?

Indonesia's success story is intertwined with its vibrant talent pool and strategic vision. I'm eager to engage in these vital discussions, and we hope you'll join the conversation. 

Let's mark the date for the People Matters TechHR Pulse on 22nd November 2023 at JW Marriott, Jakarta. 

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