Article: Why is the Wharton Executive Education Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Program a good investment?

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Why is the Wharton Executive Education Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Program a good investment?

As an HR professional, investing in your own development will enhance your leadership skills, elevate your impact, and position your company for success.
Why is the Wharton Executive Education Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Program a good investment?

Today’s uncertain work environment has encouraged executives to take a hard look at how they can best address the complex needs of their organizations. No function has been more affected than human resources (HR), whose leaders now play a pivotal role in what some consider a paradigm shift in the industry. In fact, 75 percent of HR leaders concur that the evolving role of the industry is important or very important for their success over the next 12 to 18 months.

To excel in this crucial C-suite position , HR professionals must up their game, increase their knowledge base, and broaden their perspectives to drive positive change in their organizations. As a leader in this evolving environment, you understand the importance of augmenting your expertise, and you are not alone. According to recent studies, 86 percent of HR professionals believe they must reinvent their ability to learn and 84 percent of HR leaders are increasing their investment in reskilling programs. 

The Wharton Executive Education Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Program is a key first step in navigating this changing landscape. The comprehensive nine-month experience is designed to take you beyond a supporting role into one that oversees leadership transitions and succession processes. Through the program’s core modules and electives, you will explore new ways to implement change management strategies and embrace flexible leadership styles. You will also examine the nuances of using data to measure HR goals, how to employ the latest concepts of people analytics, and how to adopt practices that drive high performance teams. The thought-provoking insights and expertise you gain will prepare you to apply real-world lessons learned for actionable results.   

As organizations increasingly recognize the impact of human resources in the workplace, they also realize how integral the CHRO’s role is to their bottom line. In addition to the more traditional tasks expected of them — such as recruitment, benefits, and employee retention — HR leaders are now expected to know how to adapt technology advancements, incorporate diversity initiatives, and even provide guidance to other C-suite executives. They are also being asked to shape company culture, rethink their approach to people management, and foster a workplace that cultivates a strongly committed employee base. To learn more about how the Wharton Executive Education CHRO Program can aid you in this endeavor to make you and your organization future-ready, click here

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