Article: Top reasons to not miss People Matters L&D SEA Conference 2021!

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Top reasons to not miss People Matters L&D SEA Conference 2021!

People Matters L&D SEA Conference 2021 is coming to your screens on 4th March 2021! Here are top reasons why you should not miss out on SEA's largest & most influential L&D Conference and reimagine learning to Rev-up Growth.
Top reasons to not miss People Matters L&D SEA Conference 2021!

As COVID-19 changes the realities of our lives, our businesses, and our jobs, it has become very clear that old skills and capabilities have to lead to the new for organizations to accelerate their transformation out of the downturn. 

While we don’t know when the recovery will come, we know that organizations that will invest in capabilities to capture the emerging opportunities will have the best chance for a brighter future. Thus articulating critical skills for recovery, building the base of future digital skills, reimagining training at a scale in a distant world, and bringing on an experimentative mindset is the need of the hour.

It is in this direction that the People Matters L&D SEA Conference 2021 coming to your screens on 4th March 2021 aims to bring the community together to help reflect and find collective answers to uncover a new roadmap to build the foundation of a capability-driven business strategy for growth.

We give you top reasons why you cannot afford to miss the People Matters L&D SEA Conference 2021 on your screens this time!

1. Agenda Focused on Revving up Growth: This year’s theme, ‘Rev-Up Growth’ will inspire the community to wrestle with one big question: How do we Rev-Up Growth through capability, through change interventions, and through culture in a time of uncertainty, chaos, and disruption? One thing that is in our control is the capability we are building as an organization to strengthen our chances of success. How do we take on that opportunity?

2. Reimagine learning with our speakers: Charlene Li, Advisor, Board Member and Best-Selling Author of Open Leadership and Groundswell; Terence Mauri, Founder of Hack Feature Lab, Global Think Tank, Brandon Carson, Director of Learning, Delta Airlines; Aye Wee Yap, SVP, Head of Learning & Development and Organization Development, Group Human Resources, OCBC Bank; Annie Lim, APJ Head Talent Diversity Outreach Culture Engagement, Citrix; Abhilasha Krishnan, HR Director, SEA, Diageo; Helen Snowball, Chief Human Resources Office, Asia Pacific, JLL; Anuradha Purbey, People Director - Europe and Asia, Aviva, and Jacqueline Brassey, Director of Global Learning & Global LTT Member, McKinsey & Company, are some of many powerhouse speakers joining us. See the complete speaker list here.

3. New Formats for the New Normal: As the theme focuses on reinventing capability building for Revving up growth, so have our session formats been reinvented for finding answers for the now and the future. Besides incisive CEO power panel, thought-provoking keynotes, and practical case studies, invigorating Mindfulness Sessions and Speaker Rooms for a focused discussion on the top five ideas or themes emerging for the group at that moment are some of the new formats at SEA L&D Conference 2021.

4. Matchmaking: Find your peer match! As a part of People Matters L&D SEA Conference, you will be matched with your peer level based on your conference objectives/goals & interests to initiate meaningful conversations and also to build continuous and long-lasting networks.

5. Virtual Expo Zone: Put up the best show in your expo with your brand or product video, best practices, success stories and manage visitors' queries or product demos via your business representatives

6. Networking in the New Normal: Building networks is one but the ability to have a One-2-One is a different ball game. On the People Matters L&D Virtual Platform, you can set up a One-2-One video meeting with anyone in your connected network.

7. 20+ sessions of Insightful Content: The L&D Conference enables you access to over 20+ hours of powerful keynotes, best practices & case studies delivered on your screens with careful curation of sessions from the world’s most acclaimed thought leaders. 

8. Learning on the Go!: If you are working from home and your laptop screen is busy with your office work, don’t worry, the People Matters SEA L&D conference is available on mobile as well. You will get a dedicated conference App to build your network and conversations on the go.

This is where the world of learning comes together! There will be more than 700 L&D Leaders, HR Leaders, Business leaders, People Managers, and Functional HR Leaders under one platform to connect with and build your business opportunities. Join us for SEA’s most influential learning conference!

Know more about the latest trends in the learning & development landscape at the People Matters L&D SEA Conference 2021 coming to your screens on 4th March 2021.  Click here to register.

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