Article: L&D Singapore is back! Overcome challenges to learning this April

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L&D Singapore is back! Overcome challenges to learning this April

By deepening their ability to identify ever-changing trends and anticipate emerging needs, managers can help shape the future of their organisations. Join People Matters L&D Singapore Conference 2023 to re-architect your learning and development strategy.
L&D Singapore is back! Overcome challenges to learning this April

It’s no secret that barriers to learning at the workplace hinder the initiation of successful development. From retention to a dispersed workforce, many factors impact how employees work and learn today. Given the disruption that we witnessed in past years, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the learning and development blockade has both amplified and hastened with time, further changing the trajectory in ways that warrant consideration and action today.

To cater to the growing needs of learning and development practitioners, People Matters is back with L&D Singapore Conference 2023. With 400+ CHROs, L&D Leaders, business leaders, parallel sessions, and the best-in-class partners, you will have the chance to discover how you can re-architect your learning strategy and ecosystem to deliver the right-fit solutions. 

Not only this, but we will also help you to keep pace with ever-changing disruptions so that you can assist your workforce in solving today’s most critical performance challenges. Let’s start by identifying roadblocks that are limiting learning and development, to further find solutions.

Decentralised workforce

While different work models have given us the gift of flexibility at work, it has also caused problems that none of us imagined a couple of years ago. The most significant of them all is  the challenge in training and development. Misunderstandings, cultural differences, and inconsistency have put leaders in a dilemma.

Tools such as video conferences, webinars, and online forums can give clarity to employees. They can have a better picture of what is expected of them during training, and how their learning achievements will benefit them in their jobs. To learn to use these tools to the best of your ability, attend the opening keynote on 'From 2D To 3D - Learning In VR & The Metaverse'. 

Poor employee engagement

Be it an organisation or a team, nothing can be accomplished without effective engagement, such as cognitive, emotional, and behavioural. The lack of these three can lead to passive learning, poor knowledge retention and challenges in training and development. Now is the time to shake things up and indulge in active problem-solving. 

For instance, People Matters and its larger-than-life conferences. The idea is not just to uplift the HR community, but also to become the centre of learning. Take cues and incorporate practical learning activities to encourage learners to engage and communicate in a better way. For sounder insight, attend the Power Panel session on 'Nothing Without Impact'.

Training that doesn't work 

Believe it or not, several managers and leaders waste their time in training that simply doesn’t work. It can be due to unappetising content, lack of personalisation or even outdated approaches. The bottom point is generic or irrelevant training can strain learners’ time and patience. 

L&D Singapore’s Masterclass session on 'Creating Learning Experiences: Designing A Blueprint For The Future' can help you find new ways to categorise learning outcomes and use other methods to update skills or convey new information exactly when it’s needed most.

Limited budget but high requirements

One issue that hampers most learning and development programs is cost. While training budgets tend to be small, their demands are always steep. To make things more complicated, most of the time that strained budget comes with travel and software costs included. Hence, learning to create a cost-effective and high-performing system is crucial. 

We bring you an exclusive panel session on 'The Sustainable Workforce: Built For Disruption, Success, & Growth' to understand the step-by-step strategy for building out a sustainable skills marketplace in your organisation.

Be a part of SEA's largest learning and development conference on 13 April 2023 at Fairmont Singapore where business happens. Click here to be a part of this unique experience.

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