Article: L&D Singapore 2023: Sessions you cannot miss if you’re an innovator, changemaker or disruptor!


L&D Singapore 2023: Sessions you cannot miss if you’re an innovator, changemaker or disruptor!

At People Matters L&D Singapore ‘23, you get the exciting opportunity to listen, learn and network with leading experts in these exclusive sessions that unlock strategies to become disruption-proof.
L&D Singapore 2023: Sessions you cannot miss if you’re an innovator, changemaker or disruptor!

The future of skills is continuously evolving, resulting in a disruptive talent marketplace. Capabilities that were once the driving force of businesses globally have been overtaken by new innovations in technology. Even learning solutions are no longer the same as we transition to AI, LXPs and diverse personalised modes for engagement and impact. 

Research highlights that globally 24% of skills have changed since 2015, and it is predicted that if the world of work continues to transform at this rapid pace, skills could change by anywhere between 39% to 44% by 2025. That future is not far away. 

For organisations, it has become absolutely fundamental to become agile and disruption-proof, helmed by strategic investments in technology and a resilient workforce. This is the only way they can not only sustain growth but continue to thrive. Agility and resilience undoubtedly come from investments in consistent and relevant skill-building. Even 89% of recruiting professionals across Southeast Asia (SEA) strongly believe in this, emphasising how upskilling and reskilling employees will play a critical role in the future of recruitment. 

With the central theme of Leading Off: Built for Disruption, People Matters L&D Singapore ‘23 then comes at an opportune time, promising exciting insights on how to become future-ready with successful business and skills transformation, designing holistic capability-building strategies, reimagining learning infrastructure for delivery and impact and so much more. With an eclectic mix of CHROs, business leaders, L&D leaders, talent leaders, HR professionals, domain experts and innovators in the space of L&D and LearnTech joining us, we are all set to unlock exclusive takeaways on building disruption-proof organisations.

And if this isn’t enough to get you on board, we offer you a sneak peek into some of the sessions that you must not miss! From business-driven skill planning to building high-performance teams by re-imagining performance and talent management, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what awaits you:

From 2D To 3D: Learning In VR & The Metaverse

In this opening keynote by none other than Donald Clark, CEO of Wildfire Learning, a scholar working at the intersections of learning and technology for decades and an author of a number of critical books, the latest being ‘AI for Learning: How to use AI to support employee development’, you get to learn how the Metaverse will allow us to learn experientially. You can also sign up for his Masterclass on ‘AI Is Changing Everything: How Can Learning Leaders Benefit?’ to stay ahead of the curve and insightfully leverage tech to elevate the learning experience and outcomes. 

It's All About Business Impact: A Business Leader's Role In Building A Disruption-Ready Team

Industry leaders Gregory Van, CEO, Endowus and Peck Kem Low, CHRO & Advisor (Workforce Development), Public Service Division, share their expert insights in this exciting conversation moderated by Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters. We all know about the invaluable role played by skill-based planning to remain competitive and agile in the disruptive business landscape, but in this panel, we unlock best practices to champion collaboration between business, HR and L&D leaders to design a sustainable growth strategy that will ensure progress, resilience and success. 

Mastering Disruptive Leadership: Leading Across Cultures and Generations

When skill sets change, this equally applies to leadership styles and capabilities, and we all need to revisit our mentoring playbook to not only achieve personal success but also reimagine how we can build, motivate and engage high-performing teams. Cheryl Lim, Global Head of Talent Management, Coda Payments; Joey Kwek, Head of Division, Human Resources & Corporate Services, Senoko Energy and Leslie Mathew Abraham, Head of Learning & Development, TDCX Malaysia, come together in this panel and answer critical questions on how leaders can ‘walk the talk’, achieve transformational development and more. 

From Learning To Transformation: Unleashing The Power Of Learning Agility For Sustainable Growth

Agile organisations are the need of the hour, and one of the key ingredients to achieving this is an agile learning culture. In the face of accelerated change and continuous disruption, agility defines who will continue to thrive. In this keynote, Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan, VP, Learning and Transformation, Group Human Resources, OCBC Bank, shares how we can build a culture that fosters continuous learning and adaptability, the role of leadership in promoting and supporting learning agility and how we can measure and track the impact of learning initiatives on business outcomes.

Re-imagining Performance & Talent Management: Maersk’s Impact Story 

Along with exciting keynotes and exhilarating panel discussions, we also bring you exclusive case studies that deep dive into how organisations innovate to become an employer of choice by strengthening meaningful bonds and employee engagement in the workplace. In a world that tends to be disconnected with increasing digitisation, Anish Lalchandani, Global Head of Talent Management, A.P. Moller-Maersk, shares how their organization stands out by leveraging the power of conversations for maximising performance, ensuring better alignment of goals and driving career growth.

Enhancing Performance With Human-Centered Design

While meaningful relationship-building is one way to elevate employee performance, Nick Shackleton Jones, CEO & Founder of Shackleton Consulting, also highlights the role played by ‘Human-centred design’ in reimagining your learning infrastructure and delivery. You can register for his exclusive masterclass to learn about designing learner experiences that will lead to a business impact. Additionally, you can also attend his keynote ‘Stop Doing Education, Start Learning’ to know more about the journey from educational ritual to learning impact, with examples of resources and experiences that impact employee performance and experience.

And there’s more! Register now to access these sessions and join us on 13 April at Fairmont, Singapore, to lead in the era of disruption with a skilled, agile and resilient workforce. Click here to be a part of one of the most exciting  L&D conferences this 2023. 

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