Article: Top HR and WorkTech startups that are brewing up success by innovating and experimenting


Top HR and WorkTech startups that are brewing up success by innovating and experimenting

At TechHR Singapore 2022, some of the most innovative startups, such as Neufast, Talent On Lease, Qapita, Omni HR, Mentogram and others, showcased their services and products to enlighten leaders from the SEA region.
Top HR and WorkTech startups that are brewing up success by innovating and experimenting

With the work-culture having shifted dramatically, several HR-focused startups have been contributing to maintain productivity. Especially in the recent years, HR tech startups have helped emerging companies by providing talent acquisition management, recruitment solutions and much more. To celebrate the revolutionisation of technology in the human resources industry, we invited some of the best startups at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022

At Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, emerging companies like Neufast, Talent On Lease, Qapita, Omni HR, Mentogram and many others had the opportunity to showcase their services and products to leaders and delegates from the Southeast Asia region. Take a look at some of the best HR tech brands that are leveraging technology to help the HR industry grow!

Neufast: AI video interviewing platform

Founded in: 2018

Founder: Agnes Wun and Dr Dennis Lee

Neufast is a Singapore-based startup that uses the power of artificial intelligence to make the process of hiring talent faster, easier and much more efficient. The company aims to empower their clients by helping them save money and making sure that hiring takes place fairly, all while meeting ESG targets for diversity and inclusion.

Talent On Lease : Bridges demand and supply gap between IT talents

Founded in: 2020

Founder: Pervesh Dhingra

Another very interesting startup that was a part of People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022 was Talent On Lease. Its philosophy is proudly displayed on their website – ‘Right resources at right time and at right cost.’ The company’s aim is to create a platform where both employees as well as employers come together to create a strong and lasting relationships. 

Qapita:  A platform that capitalises tables and ESOPs accurately

Founded in: 2019

Founder: Ravi Ravulaparthi

Are you tired of maintaining spreadsheets to keep all your equity records and documents in one place? Qapita is here to help you! Its products are built by experts, such as bankers, lawyers, designers and engineers, to make equity management simple, accessible and accurate. With the help of their software and network, they are focused to prepare you for your next equity transaction. 

Omni HR: Automates HR processes in a single system

Founded in: 2021 

Founders: Brian Ip and YC Chan

With changing work scenarios, it’s crucial to make office hours easier for managers and everyone in their teams. Omni HR helps companies automate their end-to-end employee journey by including easy recruitment, onboarding, time-off and employee management services.

Mentogram: A platform to grow online mentoring empire

Founded in: 2021 

Founder: Siddharth Dangi

With a mission to provide access to quality education and mentorship which is affordable, Mentogram was born in 2021. They have a crew of hackers and tech-geeks who are passionate about helping specialists to impact the world with the expertise they have. The platform is a way to enable people to unlock true human potential through the power of mentoring.

Unstop: A community engagement and hiring platform

Founded in: 2017

Founder: Ankit Aggarwal

A community engagement and hiring platform, Unstop is focused to help companies engage, assess and hire using gamification (hackathons, quizzes, simulations). With the support of this platform, leaders can discover and hire target audiences through accurate coding, non-tech and skill-based assessments. 

Panalyt: Enables data-driven people decisions in companies

Founded in: 2017

Founders: Abdel-Rahmen Korichi, Chi Tran, Daniel J West, Iwani Zoë Mawocha, Pratyum Jagannath, Sharique Zaman, Takako Ogawa and Yusuf Raza

Employees, managers and leaders all want a better experience at work. Now more than ever, everyone is looking for an environment where they can respect and help each other for a fulfilling employee experience. To avoid situations where managers have no choice but to rely on experience, intuition, and prejudice, Panalyt integrates and analyses people data which are scattered across systems and files, further allowing actionable insights to HR and the business.

Talent Data Labs: A platform to optimise human capital management

Founded in: 2017

Founder: Stefan van Tulder

Talent Data Labs help managers trace and translate complex people data into simple and effective human capital solutions that last. The startup is effective in helping emerging brands become self-learning organisations through people analytics, using their user-oriented talent assessments suite. 

Orgtomic: Helps build a complete skills and people map

Founded in: 2009

Founder: Ian Turnpenny

Orgtomic is a platform that delivers map skills and people data across any business dimension for actionable insight and discovery. Using Orgtomic, managers can visualise organisational growth, track remote hiring, diversify targets and drive employee discovery.

Onloop: An app to bridge gaps between employees

Founded in: 2020

Founders: Anne Lewallen, Mohammad Mohsin, Projjal Ghatak and Subhodeep Bose

OnLoop is an app that has been built to reinvent how hybrid teams are assessed and developed. If you’re looking to provide powerful insights into individual and team development, this platform will help to drive an impactful loop of regular reflection, feedback and learning. Founded in 2020, OnLoop also unlocks personalised content for each individual and produces AI powered reviews for use in more formal performance review processes.

This year, People Matters welcomed a slew of startups to find solutions and see the future of work using #FreshEyes. After all, #Rethinking what’s possible was the top priority at the People Matters Tech HR Singapore 2022! 

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