Article: How talent technology is revolutionizing the HR space


How talent technology is revolutionizing the HR space

Here are a few areas in which technology is paving a growth trajectory in the art of managing the workforce of today.
How talent technology is revolutionizing the HR space

One of the most debated topics often found discussed is whether managing talent falls under the jurisdiction of science or segmented under the purview of art. Many leaders are fully in favor of keeping it under the flagship of art as managing your talent pool needs a lot of experiences in appreciation of motivation that requires a far deeper understanding of human beings as individuals than brandishing the tech sword. However, businesses with the responsibility of nurturing its leaders also need to entail a more scientific methodology in the space of assessing the higher probability of a better performing workforce and a progressive culture, especially in today’s multigenerational workforce age. 

In this rising technology-based talent management epoch; people undoubtedly are all in favor of remaining in the side of science more than any other generation. Businesses and leaders are learning to be more artistically creative in handling human motivation and engagement at work by using scientific tech-based models. The crux lies in accepting that this is an age of creating smart organizations that remain motivated and productive with the equal aid of technology and human touch.

Setting the context straight, let us see how talent technology is revolutionizing HR space by solving various rising issues of talent management. Here are a few areas in which technology is paving a growth trajectory in the art of managing the workforce of today:

Tech tools and platforms in Talent Acquisition 

Progressive companies are trying out new ways of applying technology when it comes to its Talent Acquisition (TA) function. Deployment of technology is enabling HR function to speed up proficiency levels with more accuracy and predictability. It also frees up a lot of time and space for the hiring team. Shilpa Kochhar, the Head of Talent Acquisition of BIBA Apparels rightly states that ‘Hiring practices have become more at ease through tech-based platforms that are trying to bridge the gap between job seekers and job givers”.

Tech-based hiring strategies like Hackathons and simulations are in vogue. Sourcing tools like Github, Talent Bin and many others are enabling hiring processes to bring in more efficiency. Chatbot based interviews too are becoming common. And tech-based on-boarding platforms like Digidesk, Talmundo, HROnboard, etc. are paving way for a much agile TA function. Uma Shankar, the Head HR of Bimal Maruti shares how the transition to a completely paperless system of on-boarding in his organization has brought in efficiency in his team. The candidates upload all their joining documents on a cloud-based system which saves a lot of time for his hiring team.

Digital Learning Centers

The role of learning function has undergone a metamorphosis. Leaders are excited to drive a strategic change within their organizations by bringing in new ways of learning by putting every learner at its core. Organizations are trying their best to create a learning culture with innovation and tech tools for driving improved business performance.

It is majorly proven that using mobile and new age digital aid enhances the power of traditional learning systems manifold. And organizations are seen focusing to turn traditional assessment and learning centers into micro personalized centers through digital aids and processes. With the pull towards an app-based culture; mobile learning has become a game changer. Podcasts are seen as an extension of mobile learning that are used by companies often as they are relatively less expensive. Organizations are also using Microlearning tools and VR to make employee learning quick, relevant and specific.  

Real-time engagement technology 

By leveraging analytics and AI tools, HR leaders are able to assess engagement in real time basis. Online surveys, benchmarking data and random employee polling via tech can help to get feedback from the entire organization more quickly along with creating a more collaborative environment. 

An employee feedback system like TINYpulse provides a mixture of management surveys and peer to peer recognition authored by colleagues to encourage more frequent communication. Online platforms like Hyphen, PeopleHum, Litmus World and many more provides real-time data that are converted into practical insights via analytics thereby giving the engagement score of the team and the organization. This helps in driving the data-driven decisions for leaders who in turn take measures to solve employee engagement issues proactively. 

Managing a global workforce

With the help of technologies; various real-time dashboards are being constantly used to navigate employee behavior that’s helping in managing rewards, attrition, and people development issues in organizations. Alongside, technology offers an abundance of option when it comes to managing HR’s internal projects and communication management systems spread across various geographies in India and global. Online collaboration tools are constantly helping improve to manage various HR projects. Wrike, GoToMeeting, and Wimi are some of the tools that are no more restricted to the only operations team. HR uses these tools to manage their workflows and internal projects thereby enhancing a better communication system and a more credible function when it comes to managing a global workforce.

To summarize, Talent Management is a journey that always continues. No matter where you are in that journey, it is the responsibility of the leaders to accelerate every single employee’s success through various innovative approaches. Hence, creating a thriving talent management realm in which technology blends with human potential is actually where the real magic happens. Technology is the enabler when integrated into the way of actions, beliefs and values can have a dramatic positive effect to bring in a real transformation. 

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