Article: 10 reasons why you can’t afford to miss People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020!


10 reasons why you can’t afford to miss People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020!

People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 is coming to your screens and for a week! Here are 10 reasons why you should not miss Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference and rewrite the HR and Work Tech playbook with trailblazing leaders like Guy Kawasaki, Amazon Web Services’ Annella Heytens, Jason Averbook, Aruna Jayanthi, and many others.
10 reasons why you can’t afford to miss People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020!

The COVID-19 crisis not only changed our lives but our work and our world. Businesses the world over have moved billions of employees to work from home as they hunkered down to adapt to respond to the crisis and adapt themselves to this new changing reality. Or what we are calling the New Normal.

Year after year, the People Matters TechHR agenda has taken a business lens to identify the biggest challenges facing us and from there, to attempt to find solutions at the intersection of people, work, and technology. It has always shone a light on the new that’s around the corner, on the next playbook waiting to be unveiled.

However in our 7th year, as we encounter a world that’s battling one of the biggest crises of our times, a world where old playbooks do not apply, we want to encourage and empower our community and businesses to keep on adapting, reinventing, and rewriting the playbook.

And rewriting the HR and Worktech playbook is what TechHR Singapore 2020, Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, in its second year of running, is all about.

We give you 10 reasons why you cannot afford to miss the TechHR Singapore 2020 week on your screens this time!

1. Agenda Focused on Adaptability: This year’s theme, AdaptableHR: The Great Reset underscores the fact that the new reality is vastly different and the RESET that was needed earlier has transformed into a GREAT RESET at all levels of the business. It also means that HR needs to be adaptable as never before. The reset calls for adapting now as well as reimagining the organization for tomorrow. Hence People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 week from 7th-11th September will focus on finding answers for both the now and the next.

2. Co-author the playbook with our speakers: Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist, Canva; David Green; Managing Director, The People Analytics Program, Insight 22; Robert Hoyle Brown, Director Cognizant Future of Work, Holger Muller; Data Analytics expert, Aruna Jayanthi, Managing Director, APAC & Latin America Business Unit, Capgemini; Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-founder, Leapgen; Jaclyn Lee, CHRO, Singapore University of Technology and Design; Luigi Maria Fierro, Global Head of HR Strategy and Transformation, ING; Kevin Gilboe, Head of Design, International at 3M; and Annella Heytens, Head HR, APJC at Amazon Web Services, are some of many powerhouse speakers joining us. See the complete speaker list here.

3. Adaptable HR Certification Program: The Adaptable HR Certification Program encompasses Masterclasses from designing a crisis resistant culture to building a playbook to design the employee experience for NOW of work to reimagining performance and growth. Take the lead in your organization’s adaptability agenda through this Certification Program covering everything in Digital, Analytics and Transformation, spread over two months. David Green, Managing Director, The People Analytics Program, Insight 222, Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-founder Leapgen, William Tincup, President, RecruitingDaily, Rajiv Gupta, Partner & Director, Boston Consulting Group, among others will be mentors for the program, which has limited seats.  Click here to register.

4. New Formats for the New Normal: As the AdaptableHR theme focuses on adapting and reinventing, so have our session formats been reinvented for finding answers for the now and the future. Expect power panels, keynotes, and ideas-in-action briefings for the Lighthouse sessions while immersing in a free-flowing, spontaneous, and outcome-oriented structure in the Navigator sessions. Speaker Rooms- a focused discussion on the top five ideas or themes emerging for the group in that moment; Mash-up - Discussion Breakout Rooms- a mash-up brings odd or unexpected things together to spark fresh ideas to solve BIG problems that matter to the group; How Might We - MURAL Rooms- curated groups frame their challenge as a “How Might We” question to find a solution-are some of the new formats at TechHR Singapore 2020.

5. The Virtual Product Marketplace: Innovation has a new address in 2020! If you are exploring an innovative tech solution or service for your organization that addresses not only your talent challenges but also meets your budget, do visit the virtual Product Marketplace and browse through multiple options to choose from.

6. Networking in the New Normal:  The New Normal calls for new ways of networking. Building networks is one but the ability to connect One-2-One is a different ball game. On the People Matters TechHR Virtual Platform, you can set up a one-2-one video meeting with anyone in your network. And there is more! As a part of People Matters TechHR Singapore, you will be matched with your peer-level based on your conference objectives/goals & interests to initiate meaningful conversations and also to build continuous and long-lasting networks.

7. People Matters TechHR Singapore Startup Program 2020: Meet global investors such as Strive, Qualgro, Golden Equator Capital, Leo Capital, Wavemaker Partners, Saison Capital, and many more in the TechHR Singapore Startup Program 2020. Click here to read more and to apply to our startup program. 

8. 100+ hours of Insightful Content: For the first time, TechHR Singapore will run for a week! This means you have access to over 100 hours of powerful keynotes, mega keynotes, best practices & case studies delivered on your screens with careful curation of sessions and highly relevant certification topics from the world’s most acclaimed thought leaders. 

9. The one and only, TechHR Singapore Night Fest Soiree! After days full of insightful learnings, join us for fun-filled evenings wherein we bring you from standup comedy to soulful music to a bevy of networking activities right on your screen on our interactive virtual platform! 

10. This is where the world of work comes together to write the new playbook! There will be more than 3000+ talent leaders, HR professionals, tech innovators, and speakers under one platform to connect with and build your business opportunities. Join this august gathering of digital changemakers!


Join us at People Matters TechHR Singapore,  join a journey of opportunities!

Click here to register.

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