Article: Synechron's CEO on the race for AI-ready talent

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Synechron's CEO on the race for AI-ready talent

Staying ahead of the AI curve while ensuring a well-equipped workforce is a top priority for the leaders of the tech industry. CEO Faisal Husain shares insights into Synechron's plan to empower its workforce.
Synechron's CEO on the race for AI-ready talent

The relentless march of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) isn't just reshaping industries; it's rewriting the rules of engagement for workforces globally. With routine tasks increasingly automated, the demand for adaptable, AI-fluent talent has reached an inflexion point. 

For Synechron, a global consulting firm, the answer lies in a forward-thinking strategy that prioritises building an AI-ready workforce. 

CEO Faisal Husain believes that traditional profit-driven models are no longer enough. "Investing in people and preparing them for the AI wave is a strategic imperative, not just a choice," he said.  

The traditional focus on profit-centric models no longer guarantees relevance in the face of AI disruption. Investing in people and preparing them for the AI wave is a strategic imperative for us - Faisal Husain

The New York-based IT firm aims to future-proof its workforce and empower employees to embrace AI as an opportunity.

Husain believes the true heartbeat of “our organisation lies within the skilled individuals” who constitute our workforce. 

The shift is evident in their recent leadership restructuring, including the hiring of a new Managing Director for HR focusing on global people strategy, culture, and employee experience. 

The company is providing employees with the requisite AI acumen, knowledge, and tools. "It is no longer merely a choice but an imperative to equip our teams with the skills needed to harness the power of AI," said Husain.

Transparency and collaboration are key to Synechron's integration of AI and human expertise. Their AI-powered Nexus Suite launched recently serves as both client offerings and internal training grounds which involved over 200 employees to contribute to its development resulting in "cost reductions of up to $75,000" for testing clients.

Our recently launched AI suite serves as both client offerings and internal training grounds. By integrating AI directly into our internal processes, we empower our workforce with the hands-on experience needed to thrive in the AI era

Operating in 19 countries with over 15,000 employees, they tap into a rich network of skilled professionals, including India's  tech talent. Husain remains confident that their commitment to talent, innovation, and collaboration will propel them to even greater success.

As the AI age dawns, the winners will be those companies that empower their workforces and help them ride the winds of change. “By fostering a culture of continuous learning and practical AI we aim to not only adapt to change but thrive in the AI-powered future,” concluded Husain.

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