Article: Ed-Tech hiring to pick pace across functions

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Ed-Tech hiring to pick pace across functions

As digital learning becomes a norm, and not an exception, ed-tech companies will look to scale up their workforce.
Ed-Tech hiring to pick pace across functions

The global pandemic has pushed the EdTech industry to be the mainstream source of education, rather be a choice of few tech savvy people. More so, the Indian EdTech space has received investment worth over US$1.8 billion between 2014 to 2019. Therefore, these EdTech startups are looking to scale up the operations and create a distinctive experience for end consumers.  

As technology in the education sector has evolved and become more immersive, so has been the need for skill sets required to make Edtech products more appealing to the users. This innovation trend has also impacted the job market, with roles demanding specialised skills and expertise. With more players coming in, EdTech continues to evolve as an exciting place to work in. The paradigm shift to online learning has fuelled hiring for experts- the sector now looks at hiring from a ‘skills’ point of view than qualifications or experience. 

So, what are these in-demand skills for EdTech companies today? 

We give you list of some skill sets for young professionals who want to make a successful career in EdTech industry and may treat these skill sets as the starting point- 

Software engineering and IT based roles

Given that the root of the EdTech is running seamlessly on technology, the industry has huge demand for IT and software engineer profiles. Information technology is increasingly redefining contemporary education and therefore one would need such profiles that are adept in coding languages and frameworks like Java, Python, JavaScript etc.  to develop and construct the back end of the programs. Sometimes, the applications may need to be custom programmed too and therefore a talented IT team is an imperative for an EdTech company’s product. 

SEO, SEM and content marketing 

As the industry is booming, so is the competition amongst various EdTech players to deliver the best products to their users. Search engine optimization and content marketing have key roles to play here. A well-defined marketing strategy is essential for the potential users to know more about the offerings and USPs of a company’s product. There is huge demand for creative and experienced content marketers who could lead SEO and SEM campaigns and drive more eyeballs to the apps and websites. 

UI and UX, Gamification and Animators 

As it becomes important to make learning more interactive and engaging, a lot of EdTech companies are already working towards this and the need for animators, UI and UX designers etc. is growing. The USPs of any EdTech product is the feasibility of user experience and interface. Therefore, one cannot do with a great UX design that should keep the users hooked to the application and enjoy the learning process.  

Further, the EdTech game is not simply about online learning and teaching. It is learning with an element of fun. Many companies are constantly innovating and gamification as a part of e-learning has become mainstream now. This is yet another skill set that Ed-Tech companies would be on the lookout for. 

Course and instruction designers  

As learning evolves, so does the role of a teacher. It isn’t just about developing an engaging learning based platform. Companies are also now experimenting with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence for better learning experiences and need people to develop an interactive curriculum for the learners to ensure effective learning. This plays an essential role in EdTech as it means designing and developing the right content for online platforms, so which is easy to absorb. The recruiters now demand profiles that could offer ‘Instructional Design’ which combines education with technology and communication. 

Data Scientists 

Another key role in EdTech space is that of data scientists or SaaS EdTech. These experts would be needed to assess the large amount of data and help with insights on improving the product features and user experience. 

With digital and online becoming a way of life, the growth of the EdTech industry is on the upswing. This multibillion-dollar field, driven by technology, and digitalization, has already become one of the most profitable and lucrative spaces to be in for professionals. 

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