Article: The transformative trends in hiring and recruitment

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The transformative trends in hiring and recruitment

With digital transformation, companies have the opportunity to use technology to simplify and streamline hiring and recruitment process.
The transformative trends in hiring and recruitment

These past few months have made it clear that the future of work is hybrid. There is a greater need for companies now to be agile and innovative, and this holds true for talent attraction and hiring as well.

In fact, Indeed’s data shows that searches for remote work skyrocketed by 966 percent year-on-year last month as geographical boundaries are blurring while employers hire and job seekers scout for opportunities. Since the location of the candidate is not a factor for remote working, companies have the opportunity to hire from a larger talent pool, an option they never had previously. To do this, businesses are strategically adopting technological innovations to attract the right skill set as they continue to work through this new normal.

In order to meet this growing need, companies need to redefine their talent acquisition strategies to ensure a better candidate experience, whether this involves refining your employer branding or adopting technologies to innovate and simplify the hiring process.

Technology that enables meaningful recruiter-candidate interaction

With digital transformation, companies have the opportunity to use technology to simplify and streamline processes. This is particularly beneficial in the recruitment process, helps recruiters do what they do best - building meaningful connections. 

Using technology in the selection process can help make candidate assessments more objective and uniform, reducing unconscious bias. Virtual interviews with diverse panels of interviewers can also possibly provide an unbiased evaluation of candidates. While there is no quick fix to making the hiring process more inclusive, there is certainly scope to bring about changes to improve existing processes.

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