Article: Be brutally honest with your candidates: William Tincup

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Be brutally honest with your candidates: William Tincup

“As an HR you are the advocate of your employee likewise during the hiring process, you are an advocate of your candidates,” said William.
Be brutally honest with your candidates: William Tincup

As the talent war intensifies, it becomes imperative for HRs and employers to strike the right note in the process of hiring. An end-to-end hiring process with the understanding of the candidates’ nerves can not just help in efficient hiring but also retention. In order to cope with the talent war, companies don’t just need to hire right but also build goodwill among in the job market.

Addressing the keynote at the People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference 2022, President, Editor-at-Large, suggested that employers be brutally honest with the candidates during the recruitment process as nothing can beat clarity and honesty when it comes to developing goodwill and connections for the long run. 

Transparent connectivity

In the session titled ‘Star Keynote: Radical Candor for TA Transformation 2022’, William noted that after the interview process HRs fail to inform the candidates about the status of their recruitment and especially if the candidate is not shortlisted. However, according to him, even if HR doesn’t have any updates or it is delayed, it is always kind to inform the same to the candidates. 

“With unclear conversation during the hiring process, candidates actually get into a situation where they don’t know what’s next,” said William.

Every recruitment is marked with a deadline. However, there may be times when either employee and employer may not meet the same for some reason. But even in that case, it is always good to communicate. Clarity is the key to strong relationship building. With the intensifying skills shortage on the part of employers and doubts arising on the part of the employees about the company culture, transparency can bring remedy to both ends. 

Post recruitment relationship building

The process of hiring has several loops when it comes to efficiency. But in order to retain the hired candidates, employers need to warm up on post-hiring relationship building too. Once a candidature is transformed into employment, HRs along with the employees’ reporting managers need to work hand in hand to ensure that they stay connected at regular intervals.

William suggests that these meetings should not just focus on feedback but also employee-employer engagement for the workers to feel heard and cared for. 

“Stay in touch so you can create a relationship that goes on forever,” noted William.

Unbiased treatment

Answering the audience at the session William said, “It doesn’t matter who the employee is. Be it a CEO or a manager, full-timer or part-timer, treat everybody the same way.” In fact, he added that the companies should look at talent as talent and not categorise them into men, women, Gen-X, Senior, etc. Transparency is meant for all irrespective of any criterion and even designation for that matter. 

Concluding the session, William mentioned that employees should feel heard and fearless to ask questions in any situation be it personal or professional. 

“As an HR, you're an advocate for the employee. When he was recruited you're an advocate for the candidate,” concluded William.

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