Article: New HR: The driver for digital strategies

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New HR: The driver for digital strategies

How should people function evolve as companies transform themselves in the digital era? Manu Gopinath, Chief People Officer of UST Global shares his view with Arun Rajamani, Country Head, Pluralsight India.

The unprecedented growth in technology, rapid acceleration in artificial intelligence (AI), automation and revolution in internet connectivity has radically impacted the way the employees and organizations are working. This revolution has impelled organizations to evolve and transform their business models to embrace the changing needs of the market. With the shifting dynamics of market and business, workplaces are experiencing the following three challenges:

1.Driving digital, becoming digital and building talent pools for the future.

2.Driving transformation and not processes.

3.Driving rapid skill change. 

People Matters hosted a fireside chat between Manu Gopinath, Chief People Officer of UST Global and Arun Rajamani, Country Head of Pluralsight India. This session was a part of People Matters’ flagship event – TechHR 2017.  Arun Rajamani and Manu Gopinath discussed the emerging and evolving role of HR to drive digital transformation, up-skill workforce to adapt digital skills and sustaining a digital mindset.


Here are the key insights from their conversation on the role of emerging HR to support digital:

Understanding business nuances

To drive digital transformation, HR needs to have an accurate understanding of what is important for their business. As an HR, we don’t spend enough time in understanding the nuances of our company. To drive digital transformation, we as an HR needs to know the nuances of operating a business and how to make it operational in a digital setup.

Adopting a lean business structure

Remove complexity and obsolete layers from the job by utilizing automation. Remove redundant roles that don't add value to the organizations. Using automation and latest digital technologies to help in streamlining the process and thus help in faster decision making. 

Building capabilities for digital

The shift to 'going digital' has created immense pressure on companies to attract, engage and retain their best talent.  Training and development would be the key to avoid obsolesce of talent. Today there are various delivery mediums available in the market to curate learning in a cost-effective manner. However, there is a need to adopt blended learning that maximizes the use of different delivery platforms and that makes learning a continual process.


Focus on employee experience

Concentrate on creating a compelling employee experience coupled with the current digital technologies. Using digital technologies helps in a greater level of innovation, more access to rare talent, and creating a greater level of engagement.

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