Article: 8 masterclasses to look forward to at People Matters TechHRSG

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8 masterclasses to look forward to at People Matters TechHRSG

Here are 8 People Matters TechHR masterclasses themed around ‘BY DESIGN’, that will help talent leaders attending the conference in Singapore in accelerating talent change.
8 masterclasses to look forward to at People Matters TechHRSG

The future of work offers unparalleled opportunities, but also significant challenges. Driven by rapid technological development, globalization and demographic changes, the revolution the entire space of people and work is going through is challenging business and HR leaders to revisit their talent strategies. Each aspect across employee lifecycle needs to be revisited and redesigned to adapt to the changing workplace demands. 

To help talent leaders understand the various changes the world of work is going through and accelerate their talent transformation journeys, People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 brings together the biggest leaders and innovators from the HR and Work tech space for exclusive masterclasses to be hosted at the conference. 

People Matters TechHR Masterclasses will enable leaders to deep dive into various talent challenges and help them build a blueprint for their next transformational journey. 

Here are 8 masterclasses themed around ‘BY DESIGN’, that will help you in accelerating change in talent practices: 

Strategic deployment of employee journeys 

Employees don’t work in modules, yet organizations select, implement and deploy technology as if they do. Employees work in journeys. Join this masterclass by Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-Founder, Leapgen to understand how to map the journeys of your workforce and the moments that matter most to them in order to drive engagement and productivity.

“Culture as theater: Design the story you want to see!”

Like great theater, effective team culture is strongly influenced by how the “scenes” are set up. Story-telling is fundamental to design, and many of the principles, techniques, and talents of the Design world can be applied directly to building culture. In this Masterclass, Kevin Gilboe, Head of Design, International, 3M will put you in the cultural “Director’s Chair” and share a real-world toolbox for success.  

The 40 micro experiences every candidate should experience before onboarding

This masterclass by William Tincup, President, Recruiting Daily will help you with a toolkit for creating a personalized plan for the micro experiences a candidate should receive from the source, recruiter & hiring manager in order to deliver a magnificent candidate experience.

Here's what to look forward to in the learning session:

  • Examples of real candidate facing micro experiences
  • Learn how (Gen Z & Millennial) candidates expectations have changed 
  • Learn how to personalize experiences at scale

State of HR Transformation 2020 - Getting transformation right so that you never do it again! 

What does it take to plan, execute and realize value from your HR transformation journey? What are the building blocks of successful transformations? Is it just about technology? How is the HR Organization evolving to strengthen foundations and redefine experience altogether? Is transformation dead…what’s next? This masterclass shares it all on how HR is on its path to being adaptable by design! 

Shaswat Kumar, Director, Asia Leader, Alight Solutions and Vikrant Khanna, APAC Lead, HR Transformation, Employee Experience and Change Management, Alight Solutions will help you:

  • Understand the critical elements of HR transformation
  • Create your own HR Transformation playbook & learn how to measure the value from the transformation
  • What lies after transformation

Innovative People Analytics to drive “TRUE” business value 

This masterclass by Alexis Saussinan, Global Head of People Analytics and Strategic Workforce Planning, Merck Group will highlight how to go from building strong foundations for people analytics “at scale” to advancing towards innovative & advanced people analytics that delivers true business value.

3 steps to humanize your organization

Learn more about the three steps of humanising the workplace amidst all the buzz words such as digital, automation, IR 4.0, etc. and how to build an ecosystem where employees see themselves as a partner in the organisation's growth journey.

This masterclass by Zahira Sughra Zainuddin, Programme Director (Group Talent Transformation), Petronas will help you:

  • Understand the importance of humanizing their organization
  • Understand the meaning of three basic acts; enabled, empowered and agile (EM.A.N) and how to implement it at their workplace and home
  • Appreciate the importance of going back to basics as the key to all transformations

From man vs. machine to man AND machine 

As we are entering the year 2020, the lines between humans and machines are getting blurry. The division of labor between humans and machines is transforming rapidly. Join this masterclass by Dr. Ming Teck Kong, Managing Director and Partner, the Boston Consulting Group on the Bionic Company to understand how organizations can combine the capabilities of humans and machines to develop superior customer experiences, relationships and increase the rates of innovation. 

From & To the Future of YOUR Work - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask 

The rise of robots, machine intelligence, distributed ledgers, quantum physics, “gig” labor, the unexaggerated death of privacy, a world eaten alive by software - all these trends point to a new world that’s shaping up quite differently. By training a microscope on how we work now, we can try to figure out how we’re going to work in the future. Join this masterclass by Robert Hoyle Brown, Vice President, Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant Technology Solutions to know everything you ever wanted to know about the future of work but were afraid to ask.

Here's what to look forward to in the masterclass: 

  • Learn how businesses can specifically use insights from workforce intelligence to redefine employee experience and drive collaboration,innovation and success across the enterprise.
  • The most important trends that will change the future of work.
  • The essential tools, aesthetics, and challenges that are changing both the way we work today, as well as the meaning of our work tomorrow.

All masterclasses require pre-registration due to limited seating capacity and are for registered delegates for the People Matters TechHR Singapore conference only. Haven’t registered as a delegate yet? No worries! Click here to register for People Matters TechHR Singapore and get more details of the masterclass. 

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