Article: Personalized learning is a key to re-skilling

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Personalized learning is a key to re-skilling

Cloud-based learning gets a new perspective through CornerStone OnDemands talent management solutions.
Personalized learning is a key to re-skilling

Forty-five percent of job activities for both low-skill, low-wage roles, and high-paid occupations can be automated with current technologies, according to a McKinsey research. A similar report by Forrester suggests robots are expected to make 25 million jobs obsolete over the next 10 years. Automation has led renewed emphasis on organizations’ ability to provide new-age skill training facilities to keep up with the fast-paced work environment. 

A personalized learning experience is a key to solving the skilling challenges organizations face in this automated workspace. Not just it allows organizations to introduce continuous learning for their employees but also keep track of the ROI of such learning modules. 

To ease organization's pursuit with regard to skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling employees’ competencies, Cornerstone OnDemand through their cloud-based learning and talent management solutions, has brought about few innovative learning modules. 

Personalized Digital Learning Experience:

With Netflix-type user experience (UX), the new digital learning will deliver data fast on any device through any broadband connection. In addition to the manual curation of courses by learning and development department, the system will also identify and recommend courses based on a learner’s interests, preferences, and aspirations. Additionally, the system will also automatically identify the best learning paths by role to help employees pursue their ambitions. A Learning Playlist will allow employees to create and share and share their own learning playlists with professionals, proprietary courses and informal learning content from outside the system. Also, the module will allow employees to get credit for all of their learning experiences, whether formal or informal. Additionally, organizations will be able to gain better insight into and capture their employees’ informal learning activities. 

Modern Content for Self-Directed Learning:

Emphasizing on the soft and hard skill sets, a modern content has been created for self-directed learning – with content offerings to more than 3000 courses. Newer courses will get added and thus content will be more current. Content from TED, Grovo, PowerForward and CyberU will be sourced to the content subscription services which will be video-enable and mobile-ready courses. According to a report by Brandon Hall Group, only 35 percent of companies say they use benchmark data to measure their performance and make workforce decisions. Cornerstone Benchmark, identify and compare key HR and talent metrics against their internal teams, such as measuring the IT department against the Finance department or measure against external organizations, such as comparing industry peers or companies in the same geographical location. 

Adam Miller, Founder and CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand was quoted in media saying, “No one corporate learning solution exists today that supports the extensive learning requirements of organizations around the world and the personalized learning experience individuals crave. Our latest product innovations, coupled with our new content subscription service, will change that.”

At the 15th Annual Converges Conference at San Diego, Cornerstone shared all these and more on analytics, employee motivation and engagement, learning trends, data privacy and security, diversity and inclusion, and more. In addition to the above innovations, they also announced an addition of people analytics applications, Cornerstone Engage to measure key engagement factors.

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