Article: How green skills can sprout up your career prospects


How green skills can sprout up your career prospects

Adding sustainability skills to a CV can enhance a candidate's career prospects.
How green skills can sprout up your career prospects

Green skills are increasingly vital for future job prospects, yet their development lags behind market demand, creating an impending sustainability skills gap.

This was a key finding of LinkedIn's Global Skills Report, which analysed data from 48 countries. A growth trend in green skills was noted across all countries, while green jobs are expanding almost twice as rapidly as the pool of qualified candidates.

The report highlighted that only one in eight individuals currently possesses the skills necessary to mitigate the climate crisis, with women particularly underrepresented.

The demand for green skills

Furthermore, candidates who list 'green skills' on their CVs are one-third more likely to secure employment than their peers. Despite this, the acquisition of green knowledge and skills still trails behind demand.

Research conducted between 2022 and 2023 across the selected countries revealed that green talent in the workforce rose by an average of 12.3%, while the proportion of job vacancies demanding at least one green qualification surged by approximately 22.4%.

LinkedIn data suggests green skills – and the jobs requiring them – are notably resilient during economic downturns. Professions such as natural resource conservation or climate change mitigation need well-trained professionals. Environmental awareness also demands practical applications across various fields, necessitating skilled professionals.

Interestingly, while overall hiring decelerated last year, green hiring bucked the trend. From February 2022 to February 2023, job openings that required at least one green qualification increased by an average of 15.2%. Moreover, since March 2020, individuals with green skills have been hired at a higher rate, a trend consistent across all surveyed countries.

The impact of candidates with green skills

The presence of green skills on a CV can significantly influence employment prospects. Environmentally conscious companies recognise that beyond planetary benefits, a workforce skilled in sustainability also enhances their reputation.

Indeed, candidates with green skills face brighter futures for several reasons:

1. Meeting employer demand: Increasing environmental regulations and corporate social responsibility initiatives mean that employers across sectors seek candidates with green skills, from renewable energy expertise to waste management proficiency. These skills demonstrate a candidate's ability to contribute to environmentally conscious projects and align with organisational values.

2. Competitive advantage: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and the ability to proactively address environmental issues makes a candidate highly desirable. Employers value those who can integrate environmental considerations into their work, be it through reducing carbon emissions, implementing eco-friendly practices, or developing sustainable business strategies.

3. Adaptability and innovation: Expertise in the environment shows a candidate's adaptability and innovative capacity. As industries shift towards greener practices, those with the skills to navigate this transition are in high demand. Whether leveraging renewable technologies, applying circular economy principles, or designing eco-friendly products, green skills prepare individuals for a dynamic job market.

4. Global relevance: Environmental challenges are global, making green skills applicable worldwide. Whether working in multinational corporations, non-profits, or government agencies, environmental expertise is universally valued, enhancing employability both domestically and internationally.

5. Future-proof: Investing in environmental education and training not only boosts immediate job prospects but also future-proofs careers against evolving environmental trends and challenges.

LinkedIn further reports a rising trend in hiring 'green' candidates: job postings requiring at least one green skill grew by 15.2% from February 2022 to February 2023.

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