Article: The evolving recruitment tech landscape on programmatic advertisements


The evolving recruitment tech landscape on programmatic advertisements

Know what technology providers are offering to the Industry when it comes to shifting away from duration based job advertisements to performance based PPC in the space of hiring.
The evolving recruitment tech landscape on programmatic advertisements

Every year, the talent acquisition specialists in their respective zones are seen making enormous efforts to create multiple platforms for attracting the best-suited candidate for their organization. The evolution is quite evident – from the days of creating job description sheets for filling the vacant position to developing creative job adverts and then working hard to place it in appropriate channels (both offline and online) so that it reaches to the best-suited job candidate. However, in today’s disruptive tech world with a plethora of online channels of sourcing, placing the job ads at the right time and in the right way has become the task of an expert and all the more important. It requires a total rethinking of how, when and where to tap high-quality talent pool. 

The good news is that machines are really supporting the humans to recommend necessary tools (websites, timeslots, and frequency to place ads) for maximum optimization and generating the maximum output. Artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) are used to continuously improve the target rate of placing these ads and that’s what is termed as programmatic recruitment advertising which is changing the way how employers are trying to tap talent. 

In fact, Programmatic advertising has been around for several years now in the field of marketing. As the recruitment business is increasingly becoming data-driven, programmatic advertising is gradually gaining ground in the hiring space too. Recruitment industry expects 80% of all recruitment advertising to be primarily based on programmatic campaigns using big data by 2020 as it helps automate the decision-making process of media buying by targeting specific audiences and demographics.  To simplistically put, such a process work on these 3 key principles:

  1. Automate job distribution and campaign management
  2. Deploy BI tools to measure and analyze the pulse of recruitment efforts 
  3. Run ML algorithms to optimize existing campaigns for an increasing success rate

Hence, it is imperative to know what technology providers are offering to the industry when it comes to shifting away from duration-based job advertisements to performance-based PPC in the space of hiring. Let us understand it with the help of some existing platforms that work on programmatic recruitment concept.

  • ClickIQ

It offers programmatic job advertising platform to manage, track and optimize the performance of recruitment advertising in real-time, focusing on spending where it’s needed most to reach both active and passive job seekers. It uses integrated AI and programmatic buying technologies to attract candidates. Some of the key features offered are:

  1. Automated optimization – uses integrated AI and Machine Learning to constantly learn from every job and automatically optimize performance in real-time
  2. Intuitive analytics dashboard – tracks and analyzes all media in real-time including clicks, applications, and spend across job boards, social media and display networks in a single easy to use dashboard console.
  3. Passive candidate targeting – helps in filling difficult technology-related positions by tapping passive candidates through Facebook and Instagram newsfeed.

ClickIQ has a combined reach of over 57 million monthly users in the UK. It also company outside Europe to begin operations in North America in early 2019.

  • Wonderkind

Founded in 2016, the company has a presence in 41 countries across 5 continents. The company aims to tap passive candidates which are assumed to be 80% of the total pool through social media, Google, etc. It offers the following benefits to its clients:

  1. 100% Reach – by considering the internet as a recruitment platform, it uses various social media platforms to tap passive candidates for typical client requests.
  2. Hyper Targeting – In-built artificial intelligence engine targets candidates based on online behavior, interests, location, and demographics.
  3. Optimized Job Ads – AI automatically sets ad targeting, media channels, and timing to optimize campaign performance. 

The company has experience of running over 20,000 campaigns and generating more than 1 million leads for specific requirements for its clients.

  • Perengo

It offers a programmatic recruiting automation and analytics solution named Demand Side Platform (DSP). DSP offers various features to its clients ranging from audience extension, campaign management, budgeting intelligence to business intelligence. Some of the benefits offered by the company’s programmatic recruitment solution include:

  1. Campaign Creation – helps in saving hours of time spent in setting up campaigns.
  2. Automated Job Distribution – job ads are automatically distributed across trusted job board partners.
  3. Goal Setting – helps in optimizing goals related to volume, budget, etc.
  4. Campaign Analytics – provides actionable data in a unified dashboard.
  • Joveo

Joveo is a comprehensive, programmatic job advertising platform serving recruitment marketing agencies, job boards, staffing companies, RPOs and employers, globally. Joveo’s machine learning based platform is known as Mojo which improves ad targets and displays insightful results in a real-time manner.

There are many more players in the market with similar offering of technological platform to revolutionize the recruitment industry with targeted offerings. Some of the prominent names include Appcast, JobAdX, TalentAds, PandoLogic, Recruitics, OnRecruit, etc. Each one of them is fighting to increase their share in the overall pie of recruitment industry.

To conclude, as organizations keep chasing their target to optimize every penny spent with every click on multiple channels for hiring, such solution providers are on a rise to help the talent specialist take informed and data driven decision in this evolving tech recruitment media landscape.

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