Article: How drug tests improve the recruitment process


How drug tests improve the recruitment process

Understanding why drug tests should be a crucial part of the recruitment process.
How drug tests improve the recruitment process

As a business owner or human resource manager, it’s no secret you want to hire the very best talent for your company. And this process starts with the recruitment process because hiring the best possible candidates for a job means you’re setting your business up for success. A talented and skilled resource can not only help you improve your business metrics, but also contribute positively to the overall motivation and productivity levels. Overall, an employee who strives to perform well is more likely to have better communication skills and build solid relationships with their coworkers, which contributes to a healthy office environment.

Hiring the wrong employee, on the other hand, can lead to a plethora of challenges for your organization. If new hires lack the required skills or motivation, your business will inevitably suffer. Poor work attendance and disengagement results in lost production time and unfavorable production rates. They may also have poor communication skills, which can result in the creation of a toxic work environment that can interfere with the production of numerous other employees.

One way to determine the suitability of an applicant is to conduct a test for drugs and illegal substances, as an individual who uses them might be more likely to carry the vices of a toxic employee straight into your company atmosphere. Furthermore, hiring someone who comes to work under the influence may hold substantial risks, especially if your job description requires the use of heavy machinery or dangerous chemicals.

Unfortunately, drug use is on the rise across India, particularly the young people, which can make it difficult for employers to find reliable employees who are fit for the job. Luckily, there are a few screening methods an employer can utilize during the hiring process, including mandatory drug testing, which can help filter out potentially toxic employees.Requiring drug testing in the final stages of the recruitment process may seem unnecessary at first glance, but this protocol can significantly help in eliminating those who don’t fit your company culture. Here are a few benefits of the same: 

Help in attracting the best candidates

Be upfront and transparent. Making it clear that you will require all employees to pass a drug test will draw in top talent who have nothing to hide and rule out drug users who know they will ultimately fail, wasting your time and theirs.

Ensure a safe work environment 

Naturally, no employer would want their employees to work in a dangerous environment; however, the truth is that hiring someone who may arrive at work under the influence increases the chances of an accident or conflict occurring on your watch. As an employer, you must ensure every employee is safe while working for you, so it’s essential to make sure everyone is in the right mindset and physical shape while on the job. Drug testing plays a crucial role in workplace safety, holds everyone accountable, and has been directly linked to fewer accidents in the workplace.

Helps set high standard for all employees 

Mandatory drug testing is quickly becoming the standard. When applying for a position, most employees will expect to be drug tested to land the job. It has simply become a regular part of the recruitment process. When you opt for drug testing during the recruitment process, you set healthy standards for your new employee by letting them know your business does not tolerate drug use, and your policies will be enforced. If your company continues to test current employees as well randomly, your team will become fully accustomed to the process. 

Drug testing agency and in-office testing kits 

Fortunately for hiring managers and employers, drug testing is easier, more affordable, and more convenient than ever. There are two main options you can choose from: hiring a local drug testing agency or using an in-office drug testing kit. While the former remains as popular as ever, in recent years, home drug tests have become popular for being reliable, accurate, convenient, and affordable. 

Thus, implementing strict drug-testing protocols is vital to ensure a safe workplace environment and put in place measures that prevent potentially problematic employees from joining the organization. With the drug test becoming a norm of the hiring process, organizations of all sizes must consider making a part of their recruitment practices as well. 


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