Article: Four mistakes of job posting managers must avoid


Four mistakes of job posting managers must avoid

Unclear job descriptions, undisclosed salaries and benefits, and confusing jargon are among the most common mistakes companies must avoid when creating their job postings.
Four mistakes of job posting managers must avoid

Getting the right talent for a specific job role is a tedious task for hiring managers. A perfect and crisp resume help candidates get their dream job. Similarly, hiring managers also need to be wise when creating a job posting in their company. Despite circulating the advert on professional job websites, they struggle to get responses as per the expectation.

As candidates are advised to have a clear and concise resume, similarly managers should also be cautious and must avoid doing these mistakes when putting up their job postings:

Confusing role description 

Putting up a job post is aimed to attract candidates, but a confusing job role description might end up with almost no response. Keywords related to the job role must be included in the post to appear in the job search more easily. Hiring managers must mention the job role description in a clear and concise manner.

Undisclosed salary

Though salary always comes under the confidential category and employees are encouraged not to discuss their salary among the team. However, it has believed that job adverts without mention of the salary range might not be able to garner candidates’ attention and you may end up with limited choices.

No mention of benefits

The benefits and well-being of the employees have taken center stage in a post-Covid world. People tend to leave their job roles if they are not taken care of by their organisations. Flexible working, travel expenses, and health insurance are some of the benefits candidates look for in a job. You should mention the benefits offered by your company while posting the job opening update.

Confusing jargon

Hiring managers must be cautious while using jargon in their job postings. A confusing jargon may not be able to help you get the perfect fit candidate may be from outside your industry.

To make the candidate hunt an easy affair, hiring managers must avoid these mistakes.

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