Article: A strong and authentic employer brand is critical to hiring success: Indeed’s Nishita Lalvani


A strong and authentic employer brand is critical to hiring success: Indeed’s Nishita Lalvani

In conversation with People Matters, Nishita Lalvani of Indeed shares her take on innovations in the recruitment space, redesigning the candidate experience and strengthening the employer brand.
A strong and authentic employer brand is critical to hiring success: Indeed’s Nishita Lalvani

Nishita Lalvani is the Marketing Director of Indeed SEA and India. She leads the country strategy marketing team for India, South East Asia and Hong Kong. Together with a team of Evangelists, Country Marketers, and Content Marketers, Nishita is responsible for developing, delivering and executing integrated marketing campaigns to drive brand and product awareness for job seekers and employers (Enterprise and SMB). Previously, she was the Regional Head of B2B marketing at PropertyGuru for SEA and was the Country Marketing Lead at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for India. In an exclusive conversation with People Matters, Nishita talks about the exciting Indeed-Glassdoor partnership, the evolution of recruitment technologies, strengthening the employer brand and more.

Here are some excerpts. 

As employer branding becomes fundamental to the recruitment landscape, how is the partnership between Indeed and Glassdoor set to rethink what is possible in digital and remote hiring practices?

Indeed is an ever-evolving recruitment advertising solutions company. Powered by a search engine where you can host your jobs, find your ideal candidates via our resume database or present your employer brand story.  Our partnership with Glassdoor evolved from having complementary mission statements working towards the same purpose. At Indeed, We [All] Help People Get Jobs, while Glassdoor’s mission is about Helping everyone everywhere find a job and company they love.

With this partnership, we are bringing together two trusted destinations for job search and insights. Moreover, Indeed and Glassdoor also reach complementary audiences. Glassdoor has historically attracted knowledge workers, while Indeed has a broad reach in high volume and hourly roles. So together, we capture the majority of the job-seeking audience. With this partnership, Indeed’s powerful job search engine now powers both platforms, while Glassdoor powers back-end access to manage your employer brand across both platforms.

With leading companies looking for high-impact talent, how will Indeed empower them to gain a competitive advantage and achieve hiring success? 

Our partnership with Glassdoor helps employers power their employer brand to a combined audience of over 3 million visitors monthly on both platforms. In addition, well over 90% of job seekers who come across a job posting (that sparks their interest) click on a Company Profile to learn about the brand, culture and values.

As the job search gets digital, a strong and authentic employer brand becomes critical to hiring success. Employers need to go beyond being just a “brand” to having a more human touch and approachability rooted in what matters to employees and job seekers today. This is why reviews and ratings on Indeed and Glassdoor have become hugely pivotal in helping jobseekers determine where they apply for jobs. With jobs posted on Indeed being visible on Glassdoor to managing your employer branding strategy across both platforms, employers now have the opportunity to share their authentic brand stories at those critical decision-making points of the candidate’s job search and application process.

As The Great Revival combines with a strong candidate-driven market in Singapore, how can innovations in recruitment technology redesign the candidate experience and play a role in strengthening the employer brand? 

In a strong candidate-driven market, a greater onus must be plugged into candidate aspirations. As employers, it is crucial to marry these workforce aspirations to your values as a company to arrive at your employee value proposition. Today, while better pay and compensation may motivate jobseekers, Indeed’s research shows that increasingly more jobseekers are experiencing isolation, burnout and stress, leading them to leave their jobs. So, when evaluating a company, candidates want to know why they should work there. Employers need to be able to answer this question effectively. This can only be done by having an authentic and transparent employer brand across all your external communication channels. The best part is that with technology, employers can remove the guesswork of refining or redefining their employer brand story with data-backed insights and benchmarking from sites like Indeed and Glassdoor.

What is your word of advice to hiring managers and recruiters in inspiring them to look at recruitment with fresh eyes? What is one thing to start and one thing to stop as they venture into this new era of people and work?

When it comes to employer brand and employee experience, the key factor I’d like to emphasise is transparency. Transparency in policy, communication, culture, growth opportunities and compensation goes a long way in building meaningful and powerful connections with your candidates. 

Take stock of your employee value proposition - is it reflective of the needs of today’s candidates? Does it accurately capture the lived experience of your employees? Does it highlight who you are as a brand and what you stand for? If not, you need to re-evaluate and refocus your attention on it to be able to tell an authentic story that reflects your organisation.

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