Article: Leaders need to be ambassadors for building a high-performance culture: Dudi Arisandi,

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Leaders need to be ambassadors for building a high-performance culture: Dudi Arisandi,

In an exclusive conversation with People Matters, Dudi Arisandi, Chief People Officer at Indonesian OTA player, shares his views on what goes into building high performance organizations.
Leaders need to be ambassadors for building a high-performance culture: Dudi Arisandi,

A high-performance organization is an organization that is able to perform exceedingly better than those of its peer group over a period of time by focusing in a disciplined way on that which really matters to the organization. But who exactly determines what matters to the organization? What are these factors that go into building high-performance organizations? As today’s organizations are facing the need for change at a faster pace than ever before due to advancements in technology, multi-generational workforces and global economic implications, what is the kind of culture that acts as an enabler of a high-performance organization?

In an exclusive conversation with People Matters, Dudi Arisandi, Chief People Officer at Indonesian OTA player, shares his views on what goes into building high-performance organizations.

What does building a high-performance organization truly mean?

An organization that can achieve their goals/objective (financial & non-financial) through strong routine/discipline ways constitutes a high-performance organization.

What would you say are the three most important factors in creating a high-performance organization?

I would list the following three factors that play a critical role in creating a high-performance organization-

1. Leadership Commitment (from all level)

2. Company Culture

3. Employee Engagement

What is the role of leadership in building a high-performance organization?

Leadership has several roles to play when it comes to building a high-performance organization.

It starts with Role Modelling. The leader must buy in and be committed to performance-based initiatives and continue with aligning between values and the organization goals. 

The other important role is providing time to give routine feedback to their team. Last but not least, leaders need to be change agents/ambassadors for all initiatives related to building a high-performance culture.

What kind of organizational culture is most suited for a high-performance organization? How can HR leaders build that culture in the organization?

The objective of building a high-performance culture is to help the organization to achieve high levels of performance, and results, consistently over time. So, there are some important values that must be embedded in the organization such as a continuous learning culture (Learning Organization), a safe environment, openness to change and engaged employees. 

What HR Leaders can do is to build an HR strategy that is aligned with the objective of a High-Performance Culture-right from the hiring Process to firing.

HR leaders can also take more initiatives to make people more engaged and buy in the plan.

What are some of the steps being taken at Tiket to build a high-performance organization? 

Tiket’s transformation just started in the last 3 years, when it was acquired by one of Indonesia’s biggest conglomerates. Most of the initiative related to turning around the business and we did it. Our business grew more than double compared to the previous year.

From an HR perspective, we just started to revamp all the HR processes early this year (2019). We started from revisiting all the HR infrastructure, including but not limited to HR Digitalization, performance review, reward & compensation, the talent acquisition process, employee engagement initiatives and learning initiatives. Along the year, we build a high trust from our stakeholders and introduced many initiatives to improve upon all HR processes. 

Starting in October 2019, we also revisited our existing values and will change our culture in sync with the new values. The most important reason why we changed is that we aspire to build a more high performing culture through our current values.    

What are some of the learning and development initiatives being taken by Tiket to upskill its employees?

We believe that to build a high-performance culture, start with high employee self-awareness. We started the year by building a self-awareness program and each Tiket employee needs to join with the program. In the program, employees get assessment results about themselves and their teams. With this approach, employee s get to know each other and support each other to achieve organizational goals. We continued the program with a Leadership program which will be more robust in 2020. We declared that 2020 is our “BUILD” moment. We just finished our Tiket Academy blueprint, which will go live in January 2020.

What would you say are the cultural bedrocks of Tiket?

I believe our existing values which are ‘Fast, Friendly and Flexible’ are the key to our success. 

How is Tiket helping its employees to prepare for the future of work?

Tiket is enabling its employees to ready themselves for the future of work through the following three steps-

1. Revisit existing values and build a stronger culture to ensure people are ready for the future of work

2. Enable the Tiket academy for spearheading long-life learning initiatives

3. Provide flexible working arrangement and work-life harmony initiatives

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