Article: Into the future: Payroll Beyond Borders 2022 with Neeyamo

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Into the future: Payroll Beyond Borders 2022 with Neeyamo

As organizations gear up to fully transform their HR agenda and level up with the dynamic, complex environment of people and work; payroll solutions play a critical role in strengthening the future global workforce.
Into the future: Payroll Beyond Borders 2022 with Neeyamo

As we usher in 2022, one of the critical developments that will stay with us and continue to be built upon is creating and expanding a global workforce. In the hunt for talent and new markets, geographical boundaries no longer play a factor as organizations continue to branch out worldwide to secure those who meet their hiring needs and can become a part of their growth strategy. However, this is only the first step because in line with the process of talent acquisition comes many questions, the burning ones being those concerned with compliance and payroll. As a result, payroll teams are starting to play a pivotal role in contributing to an organization’s global employee experience and catering to the transactional function. Multinational organizations, in particular, are faced with a dire need to reinvent themselves in order to gear themselves towards the future and enhance their efficiency as well as become more flexible and agile.

To take this agenda forward, Neeyamo, in collaboration with many global associations and intellectual cohorts, is hosting “Payroll Beyond Borders 2022.” From CXOs, HR & Payroll practitioners, Global payroll enthusiasts, advisors, analysts, consultants to industry associations; all attendees are set to kickstart this discussion that involves not only learning about payroll in over 100 countries but also reimagining what the future of payroll looks like and its impact on the world of people and work. 

From a dynamic Career Mart which will allow attendees to engage in learning series, training programs, and certifications to sessions that will delve into the pandemic induced changing taxation and global compliance landscape; this conference will enable and empower organizations to effectively plan their global payroll transformation and overcome challenges such as compliance-based complexities, technological islands, multi-country payroll processing, and even payroll tax.

It is essential to learn both the upside and the flipside of payroll integration to fully automate this process and look into the evolution of global payroll across generations. By offering a host of benchmarking insights in terms of variations across complexity and price points when it comes to implementing payroll solutions, another critical agenda that will be covered is the role that the long-tail of multinational organizations play in global payroll transformation. Along with these groundbreaking insights, a comprehensive library consisting of materials covering the length and breadth of everything payroll will be made available to all attendees.

One cannot deny that global payroll transformation is synonymous with HR transformation, one of the central agendas of organizations moving forward in people and work's dynamic and complex environment. And because employees are so central to this agenda and employee experience a priority, this conference will present an opportunity for leaders to learn how payroll solutions can elevate the overall employee journey. By streamlining functions, creating greater accessibility, and offering increased autonomy to employees in navigating earlier taxing HR operations, the payroll solutions of today are an investment that organizations must make for the global workforce of tomorrow. 

If you’re looking to learn more on navigating the global payroll ecosystem in the post-pandemic world and transforming your payroll agenda to thrive in the future, click here

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