Article: Workplace stress hits all-time high: Gallup

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Workplace stress hits all-time high: Gallup

Gallup's latest data on the global workforce shows that stress levels are at an all-time high.
Workplace stress hits all-time high: Gallup

The idea that “work sucks” is everywhere. The State of the Global Workplace 2022 report released today by Gallup shows employees are more stressed than ever. 

Among workers surveyed, 60% report feeling “emotionally detached” while at work, and 19% consistently feel “miserable.” These figures are higher than those from 2020, which set a new record for the proportion of employees who said they were stressed on a daily basis.

Globally, employee engagement and well-being remain very low, and it’s holding back enormous growth potential, according to the report. Only 9% of employees globally are "thriving and engaged", whereas the majority (57%) of employees are "not engaged and not thriving".

There has been a significant decline in the overall well-being of workers in South Asia and Europe: Only 11% of workers in South Asia and 47% in Europe say their overall life quality is "thriving." 

Employees in the United States and Canada are the "most engaged": 33% of respondents in the U.S. and Canada report feeling engaged during work.  Despite high engagement, U.S. and Canadian workers are also the world's most stressed-out.

Workers in Australia and New Zealand report the highest quality of life: 63% of respondents say they are "thriving."

71% of respondents in the U.S. and Canada believe now is a good time to look for a job. The regions with the least promising job opportunities are the Commonwealth of Independent States (35%), MENA (28%) and East Asia (27%).

Organisations need to think about the whole person, not just the worker. Executive dashboards need to include well-being metrics. Leaders should also prioritize employee well-being as part of their employer brand promise, according to the research.

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